Wolf wishes

Be careful what you wish for.........that's what Stefan was always told, but he never listened. Only one came true and now hes sure the others will too. The one he really wants to come true ; not to be a werewolf. Stefan dreams of being normal and going to school like any 15 year old, but being a werewolf has it's faults. Only when he meets Isolde does he really wish he was normal, but wishes come at a price.


2. The hospital chase

Stefan could feel the blood trickling down his neck, shivers running down his spine. He lay on the dirt, gazing up at the sky, watching the fluffy white clouds bounce along. The forest went a eerie silent, only the sound of pounding heart beat could be heard, it loudly rang in his ears. He thought about what had happened why he had transformed and in mid chase too, that had never happened before, none of his pack had experienced the situtation that happened today, least he didn't think they had. Winter, the pack leader, had never mentioned anything like this happening to him, though he always seems like he's hiding something.


Stefan didn't understand,he was confused and aching. He rose up from the ground, clawing at the trees for some support, a wash of dizziness overcoming him and making stumble as he made his way through the dark forest, the sun setting quickly. He stumbled through a patch of ferns, the many leaves sticking to his jeans. He gently touched the tender area on his head, feeling a large gash from the bottom of his scalp to the middle of his neck. Stefan continued the wade through the many plants, until he heard a russeling from behind him. He stopped and waited for another sign of life, not even daring to breathe, suddenly a small red and sandy coloured wolf leaped out of the grass, tackling Stefan to the ground.


The wolf whined as she began to recognise Stefan and quickly removed her paws from his shoulder, allowing him to roll over and jump up. " what the hell summer!" Stefan shouted at the wolf, who's ears immediately flattened onto her head. " are you trying to killed me? I've already been through enough today!" Stefan huffed and went to sit down, watching as summer transformed into her human form. She was pretty, tall with long red hair and sparkly green eyes. She was winters sister, a exception to the rule that only male humans could be werewolves. " I'm sorry I thought you were prey, I couldn't see from my position on the ground" she smiled slightly. " Can you help me home? I urr kinda had a accident" Stefan turned around to show her his gash. She gasped, stepping sheepishly towards her, she carefully touched the tender area. " Your not going home! We have to take you to a hospital....now" Summer led him through the forest and across the road, she mumbled something about how she was not going to enjoy this. Stefan wondered about what she meant as he climbed into her Lexus.


They got to the hospital within 10 minutes and Summer dragged him across the car park quickly, pulling him through the automatic doors and to the front desk. " Hi, were is A&E ?" "Through the doors on your left hun" the receptionist smiled. "thanks". Summer hurried to A&E and plonked her self down in the waiting room as the nurse grabbed Stefan and took him to the suture room. She examed the wound and had him sit down. " im going to have too some blood from your gash to check nothing bad got into your wound, is that alright?" the women started to get the needle ready before Stefan had even answered. He was about to protest when the women jabbed the neede into the wound, making Stefan wince. She dashed off, shouting down the hall that it would only be 5 minutes until she was back with the results.

10 minutes later:

Stefan whistled while he waited for the nurse to come back, she had estimated the time wrong. Summer sneeked through to Stefan room, " Whats taking so long! where did she go?" Summer whispered. " Sorry they had to do blood tests, she went to get the results" Stefan said calmly. "WHAT! Stefan you know doctors cant look at your blood! Your a frickin werewolf and it kind of shows in your blood!" Summer shreiked. " Damn, i forgot! What do we do?!" Stefan cursed, how could he be so stupid! " Leave, We have to Leave...NOW!" Stefan shot off the chair and down the hall. He ran straight into a suture tray, the tools spilling over the fall. The nurse that had treated Stefan rounded the corner, chewing her lip, holding a pair of restraints. She took one look at Stefan and ran after him, shouting for security. Stefan guessed his heart had probably gone from 110 beats per minute to 210. He started to hyperventalate as he ran down the corridor, seeing visions of his pack hearing a knock at the door, seeing winter (His legal guardian) hearing that his son had been arrested.

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