The Visitor

As Timothy Brian hears something in the basement he is very curios and wants to know why it's there. But the hidden secret is powerful and will change his life forever. What is it though? Solve this mystery and wonder what this creature is.


3. What can happen

It was 50 years since Timothy was created. He walked down the street like he was alone. Thoughts rushed through his head. They weren't the same thoughts as the day he was made, but it was the same feeling. His phone gave a sharp buzz in his pocket.

"Hello honey, yes down at the coffee shop. 2 minutes. Love you" he said as if he wasn't there at all. It took him a few long, quick strides to get to his destination. A women stood there waiting. Her eyes were the colour of melted gold, her lips full and the colour of a ripe ruby cherry. Her skin was the colour of white blossom in the sun. She was carrying a tartan satchel full to the brim of ancient texts. The author were Charles Dickens her favourite.

"Did you find anything of your fancy?" he questioned the woman.

"Of course my sweet. I thought we could go away for a while. A hunt maybe?" she teased. Her voice was like melted butter. a tune ringing softly in your ears.

"You tempt me too much. Come on."

Timothy grabbed her by the waist. With a sudden rush of happiness she screamed. He kissed her on the forehead and walked swiftly off the high street. The two immortals shrunk in to the shadows to not reveal themselves. He was at peace at last. Him, his wife Charlotte and his own slice of forever within him, happy and peaceful. 

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