The Visitor

As Timothy Brian hears something in the basement he is very curios and wants to know why it's there. But the hidden secret is powerful and will change his life forever. What is it though? Solve this mystery and wonder what this creature is.


2. The beginning again

He woke up screaming. All he could remember was those two terrifying eyes. The eyes. What was it doing in his mind? What did he want with me? A terrible pain stab in his stomach. 

"That's what it will be like if you don't feed." a deep husky voice haunted him in the corner of his room.  Timothy looked up. The eyes were back, and he didn't fell himself. 

"What did you do to me? Who are you?" he asked quivering with fear.

"A am Rodger Vance. I was born on the second day of June 1801."

"Wait, that would mean your over a hundred years old."

"Yes my young forever friend. And you will be as well, still in your 13 year old form. Come, we will hunt."

"How are you at this age and not a wrinkle on your face?"

"Boy, you and me are family now. Not as in the blood line but as in what we are. You must know from what you read."

"Wait we're vampires. So I'm one to?"

"You are very slow for your age."

The two of them walked off in to the nearest high street wondering which unlucky people will be their meal. Timothy had been blown away by this unreal news. How could he have become a vampire? How could he be seen in the same state as he was now in more than 50 years? He would see the children with their parents die when he was still here. Taking a deep breath he stumbled behind the towering man.

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