The Visitor

As Timothy Brian hears something in the basement he is very curios and wants to know why it's there. But the hidden secret is powerful and will change his life forever. What is it though? Solve this mystery and wonder what this creature is.


1. Finding

       The small boy went downstairs carefully, wondering what the noise was. He heard his mother's panic cry come from behind him. For endless periods of time he had heard an eerie creaking down in the basement. The only one who went down there was his mother when she did the weekly washing.Drip, drip, drip. The sound of a leaking pipe.


        Thoughts flooded in to his head. Nothing was clear. There was no clear answer that he should choose. He cautiously stepped on the rotting floorboards, each making their own painful howl, the dripping was closer now. As he reached the bottom step he searched the blackness around him. In the far corner something twitched. One more step he took. It's presence was close - too close. He blinked. Slowly he lifted his head. Two blood red eyes stared right through him. Hungry...  

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