All In Time

World of Warcraft Fan Fiction for the contest. This one is about a magic user discovering her calling in life through a meeting with the Aspect of Time.


2. Meeting the Aspect of Time


They had made some slight awkward small talk as they trudged through the snow. It had been formal and about things like the weather until Anduin had spoken up.

“You're half Gilnean aren't you?” The young prince asked. He glanced back to see the look of shock on Hollie's face. “Oh, it's nothing bad. It is just...your name. It is Gilnean. Not to mention your skin looks very Gilnean. But you don't have the accent.” Anduin seemed to struggled for the right words as to not offend Hollie. When he realized he was just stammering he stopped speaking.

“Yes, I am. Not many people notice.” Hollie said. Her heart was pounding. Her father had left Gilneas before the outbreak, sailed to Stormwind, married her mom, boom, family. After the cataclysm the Gilnean people joined the alliance once again. But this time there was something different about them. There had been an outbreak, an infection that turned most of them into monsters. Most of them could control it, but there were still stigmas against the Gilnean people. Anymore Hollie tried to not make mention of her heritage.

“I know you are not infected.” Anduin quickly said as he glanced back to Hollie with a small smile.

“How do you know for sure?” Hollie asked with a raised eyebrow as Jaina helped her over a particularly difficult mound of snow.

“When the light touched you, I just knew. Not to mention you have never been to Gilneas.” The prince said with a nod. Hollie once again was shocked at how he knew the last part. Before she could speak Jaina spoke up.

“Once you do something amazing, like control time, people tend to write books about your life.” Jaina said with a smile to the young magic-user. Hollie didn't really look into the few books about her. They had never interested her, but she didn't think they would have that much information about her in them.


They had walked through the night and well into the next day before they saw the hint of the Bronze dragonshire. Hollie still didn't feel at bit exhausted though. She felt like she could continue for days. She wasn't sure if Jaina or Anduin were worn out. If they were, they did not show any hint of it. The cold wasn't bothering her either. The ice cold wind that had seemed to be biting her face now just seemed like a gentle breeze.

The Bronze dragonshire was before them in no time. They all looked up the winding path that lead into the crater. There were mountains all around, and only one path in or out. Jaina started first, Hollie following, and Anduin bringing up the rear. The path had seen better days. Most of it was eroded by the wind. Small pieces constantly broke off and tumbled to the snowy ground below. Hollie had no fear of heights, but she felt a feeling of unease wash over her as they crept higher.

Hollie could see the opening in the mountains, a glowing golden light illuminated the entry way. As the group approached closer, Hollie could see the sands of time shifting within the raised crater. Then they were right there. Cold stone turned into beautiful sands that danced around. Around them the mountains rose until they kissed the bleak sky of Dragonblight. A few bronze dragons were flying around, but most of them were just children.

Then flying out of the wild sands was a huge golden dragon. The dragon's eyes were glowing a bright blue, and it had multiple sets of horns growing from the back of it's head. The dragon was the most massive Hollie had seen, and by the look on Jaina and Anduin's faces, the same went for them. Then dragon landed in a sands before them. Before he spoke Hollie knew automatically who he was.

“Nozdormu” Hollie whispered. Nozdormu was the leader of the bronze dragons, and the Aspect of time. The dragon transformed into his elven form. Most dragons can transform into a humanoid form. Nozdormu's was a high elf with long brown hair. His familiar bright blue eyes glowed.

“You are correct, I am Nozdormu.” The great dragon said with a nod to Hollie. “I see Jaina Proudmoore and Anduin Wynn have come along with you.”

“We came of our own accord.” Jaina said. Nozdormu just nodded before looking back to Hollie.

“You want to know how I can do what I do.” Hollie said. It wasn't a question. She was sure that is why she was here.

“All in time.” Nozdormu said.

Suddenly the sandy winds picked up. Hollie lost her footing, and Anduin reached for her. The wind worked against the young prince and he just fell into Hollie. She painfully hit the ground, followed by Anduin landing on her.

“Opf.” Hollie groaned. She glanced up to see Anduin's face a few inches from hers.

“I'm so sorry...I...the wind.” Anduin began to say. His cheeks turned a slight color of red as he spoke. Hollie glanced to Nozdormu and knew exactly why she was here. Nozdormu just watched, knowing what she was going to do. Hollie bit her bottom lip and quickly mumbled an incantation.

The winds moved backwards. Anduin was up in the air again, and so was Hollie. They were on their feet like a minuet before, and time started again. This time was different though, when the winds blew Hollie made sure to step arm reach away from the prince. Anduin and Hollie fell face first into the ground, away from each other. Jaina almost fell, but managed to stand. When the powerful winds had subsided Jaina helped Hollie and Anduin to their feet.

Then the winds stopped all together. Jaina and Anduin stopped too. Hollie could move, but this wasn't her time spell. She turned and looked at Nozdormu who was approaching her.

“That is why you are here.” The great dragon said as he narrowed his eyes. Hollie couldn't say anything. She didn't think anyone knew, but of course the Aspect of time would have to know. “You are toying with things that you should not be meddling in.” Nozdormu said. He almost sounded like a father in the way he spoke to her.

“But...I am not meant to be queen.” Hollie mumbled to herself. She looked down at her feet. She wasn't sure if she was ashamed or just still in shock that she was being confronted about this.

“How long? How long have you been doing this?” The Aspect of time asked. Hollie looked up to meet his glowing blue eyes.

“I had learned to control time when I was young, about nine. I had never used it for more than a few seconds though. Until...” Hollie trailed off.

“Until you caught wind that you were a great candidate to marry Anduin, one of your closest childhood friends.” Nozdormu said. Hollie could just nod.

“I went back...until before I had met him for the first time. Relived my childhood. I would re-do any time I met him so that we would never meet more than casual encounters.” Hollie said. At this point she was shaking, she had lived parts of her life so many times. She hadn't changed many things with going back, so she hadn't seen any harm in it.

“But, fate seems to have something else in hand for you. In the past few years you keep running into him more and more. You have had to mess with time a lot recently.” Nozdormu said as he narrowed his eyes. Hollie wasn't sure what he was trying to get at. Was he going to kill her? She didn't think so, but she couldn't tell the future. And she had a feeling he could override her stopping or going back in time.

“What are you trying to say? I hate people! I cannot be queen. I have spent my entire adult life avoiding people.” Hollie finally said, trying to hide her annoyance.

“Time works in mysterious ways. You cannot always avoid it. You have two options, keep going back in time to avoid Anduin for the rest of your life. Or see what is in store for you.” Nozdormu said. Hollie noticed that she really had only one option. She figured Nozdormu wouldn't let her keep doing the first one. She didn't know what the future held for her, but for some reason she now knew it was important she conciser the possibility of being queen. Not to mention the fact she didn't want her powers that she discovered stripped from her. She wasn't sure Nozdormu could do that, but she didn't want to risk it.

Then the wind started to blow her hair around again. Jaina and Anduin moved like nothing had happened and Nozdormu gave her a smirk.

“We will speak another time.” He said before disappearing in the sands of time.

Jaina and Anduin looked to Hollie and confusion.

“That was a waste of time.” Hollie said as she crossed her arms in annoyance. She hoped her ploy was believable.

“Why don't you two accompany me back to Theramore?' Jaina asked as she was already conjuring a portal. Hollie glanced over at Anduin.

“Sure.” She said with a shrug before stepping through the portal to Theramore

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