All In Time

World of Warcraft Fan Fiction for the contest. This one is about a magic user discovering her calling in life through a meeting with the Aspect of Time.


1. Unexpected guests


The red haired girl tried to force herself to keep going through the knee deep snow. Her hair was long, almost to past her rear end, and a tangled mess. There was so much of it, and it was being whipped around by the snowy winds. She was dressed in dark heavy cloths, made for weather such as this. Her body also looked made for this type of weather. Pale almost pure white skin with only a hint of freckles.

Then the wind began to pick up. She quickly glanced around, when she saw no one was around she began chanting a spell. Quickly an invisible barrier came up around her. It was small enough for the cottage she had summoned to fit in. After using all that magic she was exhausted. She had enough energy to shut the door behind her before falling onto the pile of furs next to the blazing fire place.

Her eyes were a bright ice blue. They began to become heavy as she laid next to the warm fire. She kicked off her wet boots, and pushed them away from her with her feet. Then the room crackled with magic. She instantly sprung up. No one should have been able to find her, or even be able to teleport into here.

Before the young red haired girl stood Jaina Proudmoore. One of the most famous mages, and strong female leaders. She was beautiful as ever with her sandy blonde hair and cool blue eyes. The girl was shocked as she looked over Jaina, then through the closing portal stepped Prince Anduin, son of King Varian Wynn of Stromwind. He looked slightly older than she remembered, but had his usual blonde hair that almost matched Jaina's. The red haired girl was in shock. What could these people want with her? And more importantly how did they know she was here? “Jaina, Jaina Proudmoore.” Jaina introduced herself

“And Prince Anduin.” The prince followed up. “You must be Hollie Carroll.”

Hollie could only nod. She wasn't quite sure what was going on. But if she was in trouble for any sort of reason, she wasn't about to start speaking.

“You're a very hard young woman to find.” Jaina said thoughtfully. She was wearing her usual purple and white outfit with a large fur cloak fastened around her neck. Anduin was dressed in dark thick cloth, just like Hollie.

“What do you want me for?” Hollie stammered. She still couldn't believe this was happening. Jaina Proudmoore, a woman she had always looked up to, was standing in her little cabin. Not to mention the Prince of Stormwind was there, who was only a few years her younger.

“We have been searching for you. Well, I have for quite some time.” Jaina said as she approached the younger girl. Hollie just looked shocked. “I have read up on your work about time.” Jaina continued. Then the shock melted from Hollie's face.

The young red head didn't consider herself a mage. She was adept with magic, yes. She also refused to touch any dark, or demonic magic. Even so, Hollie did not consider herself a mage. She did things outside the mage community, the largest being her work with time itself. Some had mentioned she was secretly a bronze dragon in some books she had read. The thought and idea were purely fiction, and laughable. But, for some reason Hollie had a knack for time. She had find ways to slow or speed up time for a small amount of time, apparently the first human known to do as such.

“What do you want to know?” Hollie said as she narrowed her red eye brows.

“I think we should sit.” Jaina said with a smile as she conjured three chairs for them to sit around on fire on.


After question after question being fired at her from Jaina and then Anduin the prince and the mage leaned back in their chairs. They glanced at each other then back to Hollie. “You said you can do it only for a few minuets at a time?” Jaina asked. Hollie gave a slight nod.

“But I honestly think I can make it last longer. I'm just afraid I'll shoot myself into the past or future and not be able to come back.” Hollie said with a shrug.

“At least your cautious about it.” Anduin said with a concerned look. Hollie could feel he was slightly uncomfortable about the subject.

“And why are you in Dragonblight?” Jaina asked.

“Bronze Dragonshire.” Hollie said with confidence. Jaina looked slightly shocked and Anduin seemed not able to control himself.

“You are going to walk into the area devoted to the bronze dragons? How do you think they will react to you?” He asked.

“They already know. They asked me to come...on foot.” Hollie said with a sigh as she looked over to her still-drying boots. Jaina and Anduin looked to each other, then back to Hollie.

“We will accompany you. If you think that would be wise.” Jaina said as she stood up. Anduin followed suit, and Hollie had not choice. She was exhausted, but she couldn't waste the great Jaina Proudmoore's time.

“You are spent.” Anduin noted as Hollie hobbled over to put her semi-dry boots on. Hollie shrug. She wasn't quite sure how to answer that. It was true, she felt like she was going to fall at any moment. Now wasn't the time to show weakness though. Before Hollie could speak she felt a warm sensation all over her. She felt calm, at peace, something she hadn't felt for a very long time. Everything felt in order, the constant storm of magic inside her stopped for a split second and she felt recharged.

She let out a gasp of air before seeing the beautiful yellow light leave her body and Anduin's hands. She felt completely recharged, like she could keep going forever. She had never been one to put much faith in the light, but she felt like she believed now more than ever.

“Thank you, you are going to make a great life-saver some day.” Hollie said with a smirk before leaving her conjured cabin. She had the cabin and the shield dissipated in one swipe of her hand.

“And walking we are.” Jaina said as they continued to the Brozne Dragonshire.


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