If I can't have you no-one can

A short story/monolouge


1. Rejection

Wandering through the dark, foreboding(?) forest reminiscing on what had just happened...

It wasn't my fault. Anger took over. Like my mind and soul was possesed by just a frail emotion. She rejected me... On Christmas Day in the middle of Central Park.

Her rejection was colder than the snow beneath our feet and harder than concrete. Stood up. My left trouser leg soaked to the skin from kneeling on the snow. Shocked, stunned, confused. Why???

She said she didn't love me the way that I loved her.

There was someone else.

I had known it from the beginning, everyone had but trust me for thinking that she could change. I told her that I was her Prince Charming, her Knight in shining armour and asked her those 4 fateful words. Again : Will You Marry Me??? The second rejection wasn't as bad as the first. Saw it coming. I turned away as my eyes welled up with tears, they tasted salty as they trickled into my mouth.

Reached into my pocket and pulled out my deceased fathers pocket knife...

In a flash the deed was done. She looked up at me with her big emerald green eyes, shocked, bleeding, dying. She collapsed to the floor. Bent over, I whispered "If I can't have you no-one can.". I retrieved the bloody knife and wandered into the dark foreboding forest reminiscing on what had just happened.

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