True Beauty

You would think the perfect love story contains a beautiful girl and a handsom boy but what you don't know is that we are not all beautiful. Becca's story will tell you her POV


2. First Day

The dorm had brown walls and laminate floors with rugs covering it. The walls were covered in posters with happy smiling girls. There are two beds- an empty one and a messy one. I put my suitcase on top the empty one while I hear creaking floor boards.

'WHO ARE YOU?' a bleached blond girl boomed in my ear. She must be Shannon. I cover my face with my blonde hair and cautiously turn round. 'Em... I'm Becca ... your new room-mate.' She eases of slightly and smiles me a brilliant white smile. She was wearing a silk lilac nightie and her hair in a loose bun with strands over her face.She had no make-up on. She was very pale but in a good way, she was absoulutly stunning. 'I'm Shannon Whyte. I'll show you round once I get changed. I look a mess!' How can she not be grateful of her beauty? I notice I was biting my hair so I stop quickly and try to duplicate her hairstyle while she turned away but fail miserably. I couldn't be bothered to change my hair so I just move on to my uniform. On my bed was a tweed jacket, tweed skirt, shirt, blue tie and stockings. You would've thought the school was out of tweed. The bell goes of and Shannon shows me to our first class - English. I love English. I hope I become a writer one day but I don't want to get myself noticed so I sat at an empty seat in the back. As if my hair wasn't bright enough the English teacher - Mr Chase - got me to stand in front of the class. Great. But that was when I saw him. 

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