True Beauty

You would think the perfect love story contains a beautiful girl and a handsom boy but what you don't know is that we are not all beautiful. Becca's story will tell you her POV


1. Dreamore High

I stood in front of the door to Dreamore High. Boarding school was the last place I want to be but mum insisted and as always, she won. I put forward my right hand while shaking unsteadily and opened the door. I bent down to grab my mangy, blood-red suitcase and stepped forward. The school had long marble polished floors and big gothic windows. I walked to the main office to introduce myself. " Becca Emulouse. The new girl." I seemed to let down the old office lady's day. Ok, I didn't tell you everything. I wasn't born beautiful. I've got dirty blonde hair and big green eyes. I've got a horrible permanent scar down my left cheek and a spot on my lip. I'm not what you call beautiful. She gave me slip of all my classes today and a map of the whole school. "Here's a map and your classes for today. You're a bit early so I think you should start packing. Bye now." She talked quite quickly and I could've sworn that she laughed because of my facial features. 
 I wondered what Dreamore High had to offer other than polished floor boards and excellent teachers. Maybe I'll find a new friend, maybe.
  The school smelt of Lysol and was very grand. I looked at my map and my dorm was highlighted in pink. I got lost a few times but eventually, I got there. I was sharing a room with Shannon Whyte. She was still asleep as it was only 8 o'clock and lessons starts a 9. I opened the door slowly and stepped inside.

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