Be Mine, If Only For a Moment

This is about celebrity crushes and day dreams that I'm sure we've all had at one point. I wrote it to enter the Bliss competition, but if you've any suggestions for improving it that would be really helpful.

Although I left it kind of late as it has to be entered by the 19th.

Thank you.


1. Be Mine, If Only For a Moment

Daisy has been longing to see her heartthrob of the year, and unlike the rest of his so-called ‘number one fans’; he captured her attention years before. 

As if dreams really do come true, Daisy finally gets to see him in person; at his latest premiere.


I’m standing at the gate when you suddenly appear on the red carpet, you get closer; my heart pounds louder.

(My vision alters into the scene of a local café.)

As we enter and sit down, lines of girls awestruck, stare at the man by my side; trying to steal his attention. An eruption of jealousy overcomes me, “He’s mine” I voice, and as much as I loved declaring my possession of your affections, I couldn’t help but wonder how long I would be yours. I glance back at you to find a strikingly handsome, yet positively irritating smugness appearing, and I don’t know whether to slap you or kiss you, but I quickly become intoxicated by your presence.

(We leave the café with my guidance and take a stroll to the hillside.)

As we lay upon the meadow gazing at the clouds, taking turns creating fluffy white shapes, I think to myself, “This is it; this is what it feels like to have everything I’ve ever wanted”.

Slowly but surely, the beginnings of a smile evolve into an expression of pure bliss.


Then suddenly our world starts to crack, and no longer can I feel your warm gaze or the warmth of our hands entwined. And with a harsh boom the realisation of reality kicks in… and I’m back, admiring you from afar; as it should be.

Though we will meet again… in your films and in my day dreams, for I know there; you will always be mine.

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