Running From Monsters

What would you do if one day you were told that everything you once knew was a lie? What if in the space of 24 hours you discovered that the man you had been mourning for 4 years was alive and you were no longer human? not sure? neither was I. i was ripped from my happy-ish life and forced into this horror story where the half brother i never knew i had wants me dead and I'm expected to rule over a species i wish i wasn't part of. It's hard to run from monsters after realizing you are one....


1. Dark Secrets


I ran and ran, faster than I believed possible. My heart racing, feet pounding the ground. Sweat trickled down my forehead, I struggled to gain my breath, oxygen seemed so scarce. I looked back to find him still standing there in the shadow. A voice that didn’t belong to me entered my mind.

“There is no point in running girl. I will find you. Give up.”

My whole body seemed to pause while I fought to keep it moving desperately fighting to no success; it was as if I was being controlled by someone else. My mind seemed to slow down letting him take control. All the defences I had built came tumbling down as a cold breeze touched my mind, like icy fingers of darkness were creeping through my brain and forcing me to do as they wanted. “Just let go,” it was that voice again. I could feel my body giving in to his demands and soon my body went limp and falling into the vice like grip. His eyes, the colour of fresh blood was the last thing I saw before I lapsed into nothingness.


I awoke with a start, panicked I tried to move but couldn’t, my vision was blurred and my head hurt and my heart was beating too fast. I blinked furiously trying to regain my sight. My mind seemed cloudy and I tried to piece together the night’s events. Running terrified through London, and his face. Always his face. Watching as his remarkably beautiful caramel eyes flickered and flashed to crimson. Searing pain ran through my mind and I opened my eyes to find I could see. I looked down to see what was holding me captive. Tight ropes were wound around my hands and feet. I tried to twist my hands out to them which only cut deep into my wrists.

“Trying to escape would be silly child.” The voice was back but I saw nobody.

“Who are you” I said trying to keep my voice steady and failing.

“Who I am is of no concern to you”

“Let me go, please” Tears were threatening to fall from my eyes but I refused to let him see me cry.

“I did not come all this way to just let you go, you are his now”

“No, no let me go”

“Silence half-breed, I grow weary of your insolent whining and pleading.”

“What are you?” I whispered

“I. Am. Vampire.”

And with that I fell into a dreamlike state my last thought being: and I am food.

“Mum I’m home”

There was no response


Still no response. I began to panic I ran into the kitchen which was empty. Into her bedroom with the bed made and the curtains open but still I did not see my mother. I ran back down into the hall where I heard small whimpers, a sad and hollow sound. I ran into the living room where the sounds where loudest and I saw my mother crumpled on the floor. At that moment my heart shattered into a million pieces. My mother the strongest person I knew was a sad and hopeless pile on the floor.

“What’s wrong mum?”I asked from the doorway.


“Mum talk to me,” walking over to her.

More sobs

I looked around the room and noticed the phone on the floor. I picked it up hoping to find some clue as to what had crushed my mother. I play our messages

“You have one message”

“Hello Mrs. Palmer I have some terrible news. This is not an easy thing to leave in a message but you're husband was in a terrible car accident and.... he did not survive. I’m sorry”

I woke up abruptly trying to push the memory that had been haunting me since I was fourteen to the back of my mind four years had passed and it still hurt my heart. I felt sore around my wrists and ankles, which I could now move. I had no idea where I was, my surroundings were unfamiliar and far too extravagant to be home. The large room was cream with mahogany flooring, a fireplace at the far end with a thick rug in the middle of the room. There was a door on each wall, one of which I hoped was an exit. Next to one of the doors was a small table, identical to the one next to the bed, with a vase that looked expensive on it. I lay stiffly on the square bed falling into the silky red sheets that lay atop the king sized mattress.

A small woman walked through the door on the left wall and dropped a tray on the floor before trying to make an exit attempt. I stopped her with my question.

“Where am I Miss?”

“I’m not supposed to talk to you,” she said in a thick Spanish accent.

“What’s your name?”

She hesitated before answering “my name is ... Marianna

“Please Marianna I’m not supposed to be here, I was kidnapped just let me go, they wouldn’t know it was you.”

“They’ll know! They always know! Stop talking to me child you are foolish the only way out is death or become like them but that is as good as dying!” She hissed before swiftly leaving the room. As she turned I saw two small marks on her neck and sucked in a sharp breath. I have to get away from this place I thought. I jumped up and made an attempt at opening the door. It was locked. I walked over to the window and looked out of it. I was too high up to jump. Anger consumed me. I sat on the floor and picked up my tray with the food on it I threw it at the door and screamed in frustration. Just then my door clicked and I quickly went to stand behind it, avoiding the mess I had made, grabbing a vase on my way. As it opened I saw the maid, Marianna and quickly hit her over the head with the vase in my hand. She crumpled to the floor unconscious and I ran out of the door.

I didn’t stop to check if I was being followed. I didn’t stop to see where I was. I just kept running. My breathing became harder and heavier, my legs hurt and I was beginning to feel weak. I looked back and saw a man who looked about a year or two younger than me. his hair was a dirty blonde and his eyes were a familiar blue the same blue I saw when looking in a mirror the same blue I used to see when looking at my father…my legs gave out and I fell just as I saw him flash before me, crouch down, look at me with disgust and slap me hard “how dare you try to escape I was kind enough not to kill you on sight. Stupid half-breed.”

“Why do you keep saying that?” I said through clenched teeth.

“Because that’s what you are. Father cannot save you now.” He hissed his slender fingers wrapped around my throat and squeezed.

“What are you talking about?” I choked out his hand cutting off my oxygen supply and I growing angry. Why were the pretty ones always crazy?

“You don’t know” It was more of a statement than a question. His hand loosening as he pondered over his statement, giving me time to breathe before his hand tightened again.

“Oh well, if I kill you now I won’t have to worry about you claiming my throne. Because it will be mine!”

“YOU ARE A CRAZY, DEMENTED, LITTLE FREAK! LET ME GO!”  I yelled in my mind as his hand was stopping my speech. His hands released my throat and clutched his head and he shrieked in pain, giving me enough time to throw him off of me and run. I had almost reached the end of the hall when he caught me again, and dragged me away, kicking and screaming. He pulled me into the room I had just come from, kicking the maid awake as he passed and crushing bits of broken vase under his well-polished dress shoes, I was thrown onto the bed. The maid was still on the floor but was quickly coming around. “Marianna when I’m done clean this mess up,” his voice was bitter. He came over and leaned down, running a hand along my cheek. “Such a pretty face, its shame we’re family we could have had some fun” he smirked at me making my skin crawl.

 “Well I’m glad you drew the line between right and wrong somewhere” I sneered sarcastically at him. He ran his fingertips down the length of my face, and then again but this time using his nails to tear through my skin. I shrieked in pain, feeling the blood dribble down my face while my mind screamed let go, he staggered back and I saw a look of surprise on his face.

“You shouldn’t be strong enough to do that” he said shocked.

“Do what?! I’m tired f this, let me go you psycho” I was screaming at him my vision was being clouded with a haze of red from my rage, then I lunged at him, he was fast and dodged y attack, grabbing me and smashing me into the wall he made eye contact and whispered “sleep” I could feel my eyelids getting heavier until holding them open to stare at his cold expression was too hard and I gave in to the exhaustion that consumed me.

    I woke up, chained to the bed. I ran my hand over my cheek and felt smooth skin instead of deep wounds. Standing over me was the psycho who brought me here. He was smiling cruelly. I spat in his face and smiled triumphantly. He wiped my spit off of his face in disgust.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson, child…” I cough up some flem and hurl it onto his face again. He slapped me hard around the face. And I looked into his eyes my heart filled with hatred for my captor. He continued his sentence “…but first I’m going to tell you a story,” he began pacing the room. “Once upon a time a prince decided he would be stupid and ran off with a whore and impregnated her. About a year and a half later he came back to the castle and impregnated another woman who he married. The king died and the prince was left in charge of the vampire community which he decided was not right for him so he left to live his little dream with the whore and the half-breed daughter he fathered…” he stopped to point at me. “Here’s where it gets interesting, you see, in the vampire community the crown goes to the eldest child. That child has to live up to expectations. So as soon as his father died the vampires came and stole the prince from his dream. You would have been about fourteen by then, I was twelve. I watched this man walk back into my life just as easily as he walked out of it. I built up a great resentment to the family I was left for. I promised that I would not let them have my crown.” he stalked closer to me and I let out a deafening scream before his hands came around my throat cutting off my oxygen temporarily. His words had finally set into my head and I understood. We were family.  Family! The word sounded foreign when I used it to describe this creature of torment. This was not my brother. My beautiful father was not capable of creating such an evil malicious creature filled with such darkness, but now that I looked closely I could see the similarities. I saw them in the way his delicate brown hair flicked to the left, in the way his almond shaped, bright blue eyes shined, even the paleness of his skin reminded me of him.

“No we are not family. Someone so beautiful couldn’t make a monster like you.”

“Oh but we are, sister. We have the same blood coursing through our veins, the same animal, instincts the same lust for power. A power you won’t ever see.”

“We are far from the same do you hear me my father was human, kind, loving not cold, not dead, alive!”

Fine see for yourself,” he shrugged grabbing me roughly and pulling me against the chains. He leaned in closer to me and said “By the way that was a very clever trick you pulled back there. You have a very powerful mind. Never try it again.” I would definitely do it again but next time it would be louder. He left the room, leaving behind a cold chill.

I watched as several hours went by. I didn’t move I didn’t make a sound I just sat there. Marianna never came back; I suppose she was scared I’d find another way to attack her. My stomach was hollow and empty of food. I felt considerably weaker. Then the door opened and I passed out as I saw who stood there.

I hated him. I hated him so much. After all we went through I saw my mother cry! MY Mother! CRYING!! And for nothing: because he obviously isn’t dead. But how is this possible? We buried him. I saw them put him in the ground. I couldn’t look at him. I didn’t want to not hate him after all he had put me and my mother through. I couldn’t let it drop so easily. I had to hate him. He left me. Left us. Alone. Desperate. I looked up at his face and every wall of resentment I had built came crashing down. “Daddy” I croaked.

“Hello Lily, I understand you must resent me a little bit. I would expect no different.” He sounded as if he was a stranger apologising for treading on your foot, not a father who you thought was dead. I felt myself getting angrier. His next sentence had me jumping off of the calm cliff and into angry waters.  “Do tell me, how is your mother?”

“Fine, no thanks to you. 4 years, you've been gone for four years! Why now huh? Figure you’d give me an early birthday present! ‘Surprise! I’m alive! Happy nineteenth birthday! Sorry I missed four years of your life I’ve been dead, or so you thought anyways, jokes on you’ then we all laugh and eat cake?” I was screaming at him as loud as I dared. He stared at me shock and annoyance clear on his face.

“I had no choice in the matter!” he shouted back.

“Who are you, because my father was a kind loving man you’re dead, lifeless, I feel nothing but hate when I look at you.” I looked away disgusted by his lifeless face. He seemed no older than the last time I saw him. His eyes still as piercing as before, but they now seemed void of life and love. His cheeks seemed translucent and hollow. “Why even bring me here?”

“I am dying,” My heart pained me, “Some rare airborne disease only few vampires contract it. You are rightfully heir to the throne. You shall be full vampire by the morning”

My head snapped up “what if I don't want to be?”

He had his back to me and reached the door before answering me “You’ll have no choice... just as I never had one.”

The room felt cold without him in it and I cried myself to sleep, thoughts of my mother filling my head.

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me-ee,

Happy birthday to me.


I felt oddly weak my eyes burned at the intensity of the light in the room. My throat was burning and I struggled to breathe. The door opened and I jumped up to find I was no longer restrained by chains. In walked my brother, I brought you a present enjoy you look like you need it right now.” He threw in a small girl around the age of 8 her hair was blazing blond and her green eyes looked terrified none of this seemed to register at first.  I was overwhelmed with the sound of her heart pounding like a rabbit caught in the headlights. The vein on her neck seemed to jump through the skin it was unbearable I needed her life source I needed to feel her body go limp her face go pale and before I knew what I was doing my face was buried in her neck and I could feel the sweet moisture of her blood on my lips. She whimpered and went limp. I was feeling better than when I woke up. I could see better and my throat had stopped burning.

My brother came back he had a smirk on his face “done so soon Lily? I thought she would have lasted longer.”

I felt annoyed by his quirkiness “who are you?” I hissed.

He laughed “Prince Sullivan Aesop, you can call me Sully.”

“Well then sully,” I said with an innocent face and a light tone “screw you. I don’t play nice with people who threaten my life. Now get my father! ” I shouted at the door feeling commanding. Sully disappeared and came back second later with the king. “Now leave” he did as I said and I smiled to myself.

“Hello again Lily I trust you didn’t hurt too much this morning?” he asked neutrally.

“What did you do to me,” I asked quietly looking at the corpse of the child I had just sucked dry.

“I did nothing to you personally my dear, It was the blood coursing through your veins it made you pure, whole, not half, happy birthday Lily.”

“I don't understand I didn’t want this. This isn’t me this is wrong, unnatural, inhumane I shouldn’t be we shouldn’t exist.” I sounded torn

“We exist as stones a permanent fixture in nature. Where there is humanity there is us we provide balance. We are predators they are prey it is nature. Just as shape-shifters mingle with the animals we live among the humans.” His voice gave nothing away

“Did you ever love us, or where we just your getaway?”I whispered, stroking the child’s hair

“I loved you more than you’ll ever know,” he lowered his voice and I heard sadness in it.

I crawled closer to him and he knelt down to hold me in a long embrace.

“Sully will show you around your new home.”

He was still holding me when something he said registered in my brain. I stopped pulled away and in a low and angry voice said, “So there are shape-shifters too now, what is wrong with the world couldn’t it just be simple, but no, I had to be a vampire and shape shifters had to exist what next, Fairies and pixies and leprechauns.” My voice was louder and I could hear laughing coming from the other side of the door. I jumped up and opened it and growled “this is not funny Sully”

He was bent over and holding onto the banister, “You’re very right this is not funny at all.” he said standing up and looking serious. “Of course leprechauns don't exist, this ain’t a fairy tale you know” he said before breaking out into another round of laughter. I did not like being laughed at I saw red. I felt myself coil like a spring and pounced onto Sully we both went through the banister and landed in the entrance hall with a loud thud. I felt out of control and unnaturally strong. I had my hand wrapped around sully’s throat and he stared at me in shock before laughing more. I picked up his head and began smashing it into the white marble floor. “Stop! Laughing! At! Me!” I screamed the only thing I seemed to be denting was the flooring which already had a large hole from where we landed. He seemed to laugh harder.

“that is enough!” a loud voice boomed from above we both stopped what we were doing and looked up to see our father “Lily get off of your brother and apologise. Now!”

“I'm sorry” I said then mumbled under my breathe “twat”

“Now apologise for provoking her.”

“No! It’s not my fault she cant take a joke, I was the one who got jumped on, shoved through the banister and my head smashed into the floor repeatedly, remember that!”

“Please with a head as thick as yours you probably didn’t even feel it” I mumbled getting a dirty look from Sullivan.

“Sullivan Kaspar Aesop apologise now!” dad seemed annoyed.

“Yeah Sullivan Kaspar Aesop you could have hurt me.”I chided trying to hold back laughter.

“Hurt you! You jumped on me an-” his eyes were flashing red.

“And you provoked me so really it’s your fault.” I said keeping my cool. He lunged for me but I dodged expecting it, he went flying into the wall while I glided up the stairs to my room and shut the door. I opened the door again and stuck my head out” just so there’s no confusion fairies and pixies are real?”

“Yes Lily,” dad said sounding exasperated.

I heard Sully mumbling some thing that sounded like, “I wouldn’t mind hiring a pixie right now, stupid half sister, thinks she’s so smart.”

“Sorry Sully can’t quite hear you what was that” I called down

“Just saying how I am going to hire a pixie to kill you lily.” He shouted back up.

“Why would a pixie want to kill me?”

“This ain’t no fairy tale pixies are evil, they’re the dark worlds assassins.” He shouted up

“For a prince your English is terrible don't you know that ‘ain’t’ is not a word” I replied before shutting my door, stepping over the girl, and going back to sleep.

I never did get that tour, so instead I decided to explore my room. The door near the fireplace was a bathroom, which was lavishly decorated in red and white. The crimson walls were fitted with white trimmings and all the fixtures such as the bath, sink, toilet and shower were white along with another thick rug on the mahogany flooring. The door on the  wall across from the bathroom was a wardrobe complete with a dressing room. This room was also red and was fully packed out with clothes. I was confused. I went through a rack and realised that they were all in my size. I then realised that they were all mine. I found a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a black top that said ‘bite me!’ on it in bold gold letters. I found underwear in one of the drawers and some striped socks in another. I ran back to my bathroom and filled the bath with boiling water and some milk and honey bubble bath. When it was full I stripped and submerged my self under the water. I didn’t come back up for about twenty minutes and even then it was not because I needed to breathe. I jumped out and stared at myself in one of the mirrors on the walls. My face seemed paler and there were four faded lines across my cheek. I wrapped myself in one of the towels on the rack and put on the clothes I picked out. I walked back into the wardrobe and something caught my eye. My iPod! I thought my life seemed quiet I drabbed it and plugged it into my ears and fell asleep listening to mute math - spotlight.

Weeks passed, I barely left my room. I slept through the days and the only visitors I had were the man with the caramel eyes, who brought me food. And the maid who cleared them out, I no longer needed to eat human food although it still tasted good to me and the only urge I had was to see my mother. I needed to leave this place, to be out in the open. My head spun around and around and I felt as though the walls were closing in. I got up and left the room. By now the banister was fixed I smirked remembering shoving sully through it. The dent in the floor was also fixed. No one was in the hall or the entrance hall. I ran down the stairs and made it to the front doors before being stopped by my father’s voice,

“Lily you cannot leave”

“I just want to see my mother please”

“Forget about your mother there is no room in your new life for her anymore” the lack of emotion in his voice made her angry

“Is that how it was four years ago, there was no more room for us anymore you didn’t need us so you faked a death? You make me sick! She is my mother, the one who brought me into this world and you want me to abandon her like you did us. No, I will not stoop to your level I will see my mother you cannot stop me” I went to walk out of the door when I was tackled to the floor by a vampire twice my size. My father

“You will not talk to me like that I am your father, your king. When you talk to me have respect.” He hissed in my ear. “You are an insignificant being, do you understand, I could crush you like a bug. You mean nothing! Not to me or anyone else, certainly not your mother. She tolerated you, Just as I do.” his words made me want to cry but I couldn’t no tears would come.

“Awww poor princess is crying. Sorry vampires have no tears.” I kicked and twisted trying to get him off of me, it was not helpful. He slapped me hard across the face. “Do you think I an Sullivan? Do you think you can hurt me? Sorry right now I have the upper hand, comes with age.” He leant into my neck and bit down. Hard. I let out a scream no one came to rescue me. When he finally let up he said “mmmmmm the blood of a royal is sweet especially when it is not mine. I may be dying but do not mess with me. You will lose this fight every time.”

“Bite me!” I spat in his face and kneed him in the crotch. I saw something shiny and sharp on the table near the door and I lunged for it

“Now lily do you really want to kill your father”

I ran at him burying the stake into his chest where his heart would be if he had one. He clutched his chest and looked from the stake to me shocked.

I bent down and whispered into his ear, “You are not my father,” I swiftly pulled the stake out of his chest. “You are a monster.” I watched him crumple to the floor and swiftly turn to ash

I looked up at the banister to see Sully staring down at me with a smug smirk on his face I met his gaze with a look of pure hatred.

“I’m surprised Lily, didn’t have you pegged as the type to kill her father, me on the other hand, I already shortened his life considerably. Do you know how hard it is to buy an airborne virus and release it into the air without catching it yourself? I didn’t breathe for about a month. It was uncomfortable, but hey I wanted my crown. How do you think I felt finding out I had an older sister? But you won’t last long; you have too much... emotion. Suck it up you’re a vampire!” his words rang loudly in my head.

“You did this, it was you. You made your own father sick so you could get a crown.”

“Yes but you, you outright killed him. I would have never dreamed of doing that. How... monstrous of you.”

“No I’m not like you I wont allow my self to be like you I am not a monster.” I was backing towards the front door

“But lily dear darkness can’t make light. Monsters make monsters. Vampires make vampires.”

I was still backing away.

“Now lily if you open those doors you will burn” his tone was patronizing I needed to get away from him, from here. I would not become one of them I’m not a monster. I opened the door and backed out I could feel my self on fire but I wouldn’t be one of them. Sullivan was still standing there smiling manically “why thank you for handing me the crown lily, see you in hell.” Those were the last words I heard before giving into the searing pain coursing through my entire body.

I learned one thing from being there: monsters create monsters. Evil cannot teach good, because it doesn’t know it. Monsters do not love as humans love and to them life is worthless. I was not a monster, they were dark secrets that lived on the fringes of humanity, I was taught love, I was taught the true meaning of loss when I lost my father, and my mother in the process because she never really recovered. I was taught the meaning of good and it was these values I clung to in my last moments of life. Being a vampire wasn’t living it was existing. And when they cease to exist all that is left is an empty space where they once were, no one mourns for their loss for they knew no love.



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