One Dark Stormy Night

One dark stormy night is about a young girl named Jess is having trouble sleeping during a storm.


1. Mysterious happenings


One dark stormy night in the thick mist a mysterious shape came down from the sky into the village cornfield unnoticed by anyone. In the morning when the farmer woke up and looked out his window there, where strange shapes marked in the cornfield no one knew what it meant but everyone was soon to find out.



The rain poured on Jess's window like someone tap tap tapping on a table, the wind howled, the thunder crashed. Jess was trying desperately to sleep in her dark bleak bedroom, with a single candle flickering on her bedside table.

Jess was a tall skinny child she has black shoulder length hair and dark green eyes which her father always said were like portals to other worlds, her knobbly knees were covered in cuts and bruises from climbing trees because Jess was never a child who just sat a home watching TV. No matter the weather Jess would always be out up trees and Jess would always get a good night sleep.

But this night Jess could not sleep, all night she was tossing and turning, waking all the time. Her cat Taz was fast asleep he hadn't even stirred once, but Jess's father knew a secret about Jess which Jess didn't even know, her mother did for she had it to, but she was dead . . . Jess had a 6th sense, Jess would always be uncomfortable whenever something bad was going to happen, but this feeling  in particular was terrible something bad, real bad was going to happen.


In the morning Jess was really tired her father came down for breakfast.

“Terrible weather last night” he yawned

“Luckily I slept like a baby”

Jess's father James was tall and muscular with black curly hair. Strangely Jess's father and mother both had blue eyes not green like Jess.

That day it was dark like the night and when jess went out into the apple orchard all the apples had shrivels up and gone mouldy and when she went down to the river all the fish and flowers were dead. Jess knew something was wrong for sure. None of the fisherman were out either normally they would just be arriving. Jess started heading home worried. No one was around no cars, no people, No birds the only sound was Jess's feet clicking on the pavement as she walked. Suddenly a woman rushed out from the houses.

“There here” she gasped 

At that moment the woman collapsed. Jess checked her heart . . . the woman was dead. The woman was covered in blood and when Jess rolled her over to see her back Jess a hole had been burnt into her back. Jess had another look at her face. Then Jess realised it was her best friend Daisy's, mum.

Jess got up and ran not looking back thinking what had become of Daisy is she alive, is she dead, then the thought came to her . . . her father, was he dead what will happen to herself, she started running faster and faster as all these thoughts passed through her head. Jess glanced back the body was gone.


When Jess got home she shouted and shouted there was no reply, a door slammed.


Jess woke up it was a dark and stormy night. 

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