A love story about Esmee Mathewson and Glynn Rider for a competition! :) xoxo


1. Moments.

Another Saturday. I held my raspberry slushie in one hand as I texted Alice with my Blackberry in the other. I was going to go down the high street with Alice, once she actually came that was. I had been waiting for ten minutes past our usual meeting time. Just then, Alice came running round the corner.
'Sorry im late, Esmee!' she said. "I'll buy you a coffee, hmm?"
And with that, we sat in Starbucks. There was the usual people; a few businessmen, the group of boys that always sat there. Wait, who was that?

A boy with blonde hair and blue eys walked in. It wasn't the usual type; he was a cutie. I think Alice had picked that up as she saw my face expression.

"He's fit, eh?" Alice whispered. We were daydreaming when i 'woke up' from it.

"Alice, for goodness sake, we're staring!" I hissed. Alice woke up from the daydream, and I glanced at cute boy. I already saw that he was glancing at me back. I felt a bit flirty, so I winked, and what a surprise I got when he winked back. I think I was falling for him. Just then he whispered to his friend beside him and they both turned round. Two could play at that game, pal, I thought and whispered to Alice for her to look at them. The cutie's friend winked at Alice.

We paid for our drinks and walked out. Who wouldn't want to have a wee flirt, eh? No harm done.
First on our weekly meet-up, it's always Tesco to find a few things, and next was to go to New Look to stock up on Summer clothes, because the Summer holidays were coming up next week, which we couldn't wait for.

We went to the music aisle to find the new One Direction CD and to find their Up All Night tour DVD. Harry Styles is fit, full stop. (Note from author - He is hehe;)) Awesome, now I had something to do tonight as Saturday nights are so boring. Alice ran off to buy some popcorn.
Guess who was going into the music aisle? Cute blondie from the coffee shop this morning. I tried to look cool and not alone by texting Alice.
"Who you texting there, cutie?" He asked. My heart skipped a beat. Cutie?
"You talking to me? I think your the cute one actually." I tried to keep my cool as he looked at me face to face, eye to eye. Oh god, what would Alice say?
"I am Glynn! Here, if you like to text, here's my number" he said with a wink as he passed me a bit of paper, and with that, he kissed me on the cheek and ran off to his friends, who were all laughing at my red-as-beetroot face. I couldn't belive my luck. I ran off to the snack aisle, trying to find Alice to tell her that i had been kissed and how I probably just got a new boyfriend. Just then, I caught it in the corner of my eye. Alice kissing my new boyfriend's friend, the one who exchanged winks with her. lice turned bright red as she turned to me and said bye to her lover.
"I have something to te-"
"I kow what it is, Alice, I just saw it!" I said in excitement for her. "I have a boyfriend too, pal"
That moment was one of the best as my phone went off. Glynn, asking. For A Date. A date? A date. Oh god, how I was so excited but so nervous. Alice was reading over my shoulder.
"Lucky girl, eh Esmee?" She said, jumping up and down. We both jumped up and down in the middle of the aisle in the supermarket.
"Um, you girls okay?" A elderly man asked in confusion. I went bright red as Alice told me after, and Alice told the man that we were excited.
And with that, I texted back. We paid for the CD, DVD and popcorn, and we sat down thinking of the plan, and Alice was giving me advice.Neither of us had actually been on a date before.
The arragements were set up, I would meet Glynn at the beach cafe at four and then go to Rosemarkee beach. The preperations were about to begin.

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