Pro's and con's

My mind works like a steam punk clock. For every decision I make a thousand little cogs in my head have to turn. Basically this means it takes me forever to make decisions. If you think this would mean I would make great decisions you would be very, very wrong...


1. chapter 1

I swing open the front foor of my house. I walked home from school in the rain, and little beads of water are falling on the carpet. The sitting rooms an awful site, Mums sitting in a chair staring out of the window. "Mum!" I say shaking her shoulder softly, but she doesn't stir; she just keeps staring as if I'm not there. I sigh heavily, running up stairs. As I suspected Cassie's still in her crib, filthy and wailing. She her little arms up to me; I pick her up and carry her downstairs. "Bad Billie." she wcomplains, punching my shoulder with her little fists. "Sorry sweetie, Mum said she'd sort you out today." I say apologetically, hugging her. I root around the kitchen for food, not really knowing what I van make with the little food we have. I pull a chair up against the kitchen counter; so Cassie can watch me cook and eat stray bits of food when she thinks I'm not looking. In the end I have to make us omelettes, Cassie isn't too happy but I let her eat the last of the peanut butter I found in the cupbord. It cheers her up considerably. I leave a plate of food out for Mum, though I doubt she'll eat it. I seize Cassie under the armpits, "You need a bath." I say brightly. She shakes her head and giggles, snuggling into my shoulder. I'm about to argue when I relise the water isn't getting any warmer, we musn't have any hot water. "You stay in here okay?" I tell Cassie leaving her in the kitchen with a selection of toys. She nods, driving a toy car across the floor. I take a deep breathand walk into the sitting room. "Mum, we haven't got any hot water." I say, walking over to her. "Mum, Cassie needs a bath!" I say louder. When she doesn't respond anger bubbles. Anger at mum for being so careless; anger at the fact I have to act like Cassie's mum; anger about Mum being so selfish. I'm grabbing her shoulders now, shaking her "Mum I need money to look after Cassie. Mum..MUM!" She pushes me back hard; I fall over not expecting it. Mums screaming at me, I start screaming back, Cassie's in the door way crying.

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