Below the surface

Going beneath the Water surface is a guaranted death sentence, but the curiosity of whats underneath may just kill you too.............
Peter knows sky is destined to defeat the world under the water surface, but shys at the thought of telling her, she's happy and free, why place a such a large burden on a young girls shoulders? Because People are taking a look under the water and being trapped and killed down there, one by one they fall captive to the curiosity that rips through them. Sky must be brave and save the city but what can a young girl do to defeat the horrors awaiting her?


1. Asking for a sacrifices

Peters heart thumped. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, his chocolate brown hair sticking to his scalp. His mind raced, he thought of what he was going to say to try and make the sentences that were about to come out of his mouth sound reasonable. All he could think about was Sky's devastated expression when she found out that she would have to go on a dangerous quest that could easily take her life like a cat trapping a injured mouse in its claws. Only the loud noise of the teenagers around him pulled him away from his horrifying visions of sSky. Mrs.Goodsteen shrieked at the students running shoving, smiling slightly at Peter when he shyly walked past, his response a cold stare, her eyebrows knitted in confusion as her normally very chirpy and happy student edged around the corner to the cafeteria. Peter thought about the nightmares he'd been having recently, the evil creatures and Beasts that lived under the water that everybody feared. He hated the way they cowerd when anybody talked of the mermaids and the dark monsters that attacked you as soon as your faced submerged under the water, they were weak and scared and Peter hated them for it passionately. He wanted someone to be brave, free it from fear and now only one person was seen to be strong enough to do it was......Sky. Suddenly he saw her, her beautiful laugh echoing in his ears. She ran a hand through her sandy coloured hair, her dark purple eyes twinkled. Peter started to remember the first time he saw her, the way she looked at him, like he was a mysterious secret just waiting to unravel. He remember her beautiful eyes dressed with long black eyelashes, her white teeth hidden by red lips and her silky, smooth voice, sweet and innocent. She was surrounded by people, giggling and chatting. Onyx, a boy with jet black hair sticking up in all directions, came running down the hall and stopped in front of Peter walking backwards and trying to talk between raspy breaths. " Peter! We made the team!" Onyx grinned. Peter was distant in his response, honestly he had not thought of his audition for joining the rugby team since he found out from Puck; a muscly boy of 15 one year older than Peter and Sky, that he was sure that Peter would make the team, he was muscly, strong and popular, the coach was sure to favour Peter. " That's great Onyx, well done.." Peter sighed and made his way done the hall. Onyx ran after him, unsatisifed by peters unenthusiastic response. " We got in! Aren't you happy? What's wrong?" Peter stopped and huffed at Onyx. " Just got a lot on my mind mate.........sorry" " Okay I'll go celebrate by myself then, bye" Onyx muttered. He continued down the hall and soon met up with his friends, a goofy grin replacing his glum expression. Peter got through the busy cafeteria, working his way through the crowd to Sky. He approached her, " Hi Sky, can I talk to you?" he said shyly. "Yeah sure do you want to go somewhere private? " she whispered as if it where a secret. " Ok, cool". She pulled him out the door onto the large Tarmac area, leading him to the small forest across from the school. "So what do you want to talk about?" Sky said casually leaning against a tree taking a apple from her bag and biting into the crisp surface. "I need to tell you something important........something that you need to know" Peter muttered, starting to feel uncomfortable. "ok.....umm whats so important?". Peter could tell Sky was worried, she stared at him, waiting for a response, her eyes darting around his face looking for a clue to how bad and worrying the situation was. Peter sighed and breathed in heavily, "You are destined.......destined to help this city to help us escape from the.......beasts" Peter ran his fingers through his hair, trembling slightly. " you are the one to bring the monsters from under the surface down, to destroy them and restore peace to the land, I can't inderstand why it is you......I have thought about it many times" Peter searched Sky's face, all he could see was despair, confusion and hatred. She stormed towards him and whispered "It can't be, I am nothing, I own no bravery or strength I am no hero, I cannot save or restore anything" her eyes glistened with tears as she spoke, tears cascading down her cheeks. Peter couldn't stand it, he looked at her, her face centimetres away. He stroked her cheek and put a loose strand of hair behind her ear and softly kissed her.

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