The Unknown Titanic Story

Two women who dont quite drown on the Titanic but end up a worse fate.



     Once the Titanic sunk, me and Marlina were forced to tread water in the below-freezing water, looking back I don't see how we survived those five minutes. Soon Marlina and I could not feel our limbs and our vision was blurry, we were the only survivors who were not on the life boats. Me and Marlina were holding hands and singing to God when we first saw the lights to the left of us. We knew we were gonners, they were bright orange and flashing. We decided to stop kicking our numb legs and die, we stopped but a tightly-woven net was thrown over us from a long way away. We struggled, screaming and kicking  but we were hauled out of the water, blind from the cold. we were hit to silence us.

     When I woke up I was bound by thick ropes that smelled of fish and i was gagged by an old hankerchief. We were wrapped in a soft forign animal fur and the boat swayed rhythmically side to side as these huge, big-muscled  men argued with eachother in a different language and pointing to us but not looking at us.

     Marlina screamed at the top of her small lungs, one of the men swiftly kicked her in the throat, effectivley cutting off her windpipe. She collapsed from sitting, taking me with her since we were tied together. A bald man with a black goatee came to us and hauled us up. I was so scared I wouuld die I was trembling. The man spoke perfect english...

     "We have taken you hostage you will not speak or ask for anything because you life depends on it"

     We kept our mouther shut.

     It took us weeks to find out where we were, we docked into an island off the coast of Africa called 'Madagascar.' No-one wanted us back in England for everyone we knew had died on the ship or thought we were dead. We were forced to to be cooks and servents forever.

     Over the next few months Marlina died, she was weak and frail, I tried desperately to save her, I did most of her work and gave her my meals yet she had lost the will to live. My only reason for survival is this book, my story, how it is now finished, i can die. I was born a free,strong woman but will die a weak and enslaved woman. I wish so desperately that i could have died in that water that night and this never happened.




                This soggy old notebook was found in a hollowed-out tree by a buisness man called Marcuso Devan a buisness man who was cutting down trees on the east coast of Madagascar in 2020 to build a power plant. He sent it to me along with a coat that it was wrapped in. I have published this book to raise awareness of how cruel some people can be and i have set up a charity that will pat half of ransom fees for a hostages in this world, all proceeds go to my charity it is called...



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