Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


7. The recovery


I yawn and slowly open my eyes to see an angel sitting up in a thin metal hospital bed, sipping a glass of water and staring at me with beautiful blue eyes. She blinds me with her beauty, even though her injuries are still bad. It’s not an angel, its Megan, and she’s alive and looking human again. I stand and then realise I’m smiling and by second it’s growing broader and broader. I walk over to her bed side and kiss her forehead.     

   “It’s good to see you.” She smiles.    

   “It’s good to see you too.” I laugh, “Alive.”    

   “It’s good to be alive.” She jokes. I kiss her cheek softly.    

   “Hey! What’s all this about?”     

   “I’m just so happy that you’re okay.” I gush.    

   “Me too. I thought I was going to die.” She looks down at the bandaged hands and fiddles with a broken nail.    

   “I wouldn’t let you.” I say, brushing a strand of hair away from her face. She smiles again, but then winces with pain.    

   “How long have I been out cold?” She asks, her face restoring its blank expression.    

   I look at my watch and see that it’s past 7 ‘o’ clock.    

   “About a day and a few hours.” I say, and then add, “Too long.”She paints a tiny smile on her face, being conscious that it may hurt again.    

   “Have you been sat here the whole time?”    

   “Most of the time. I had to sit outside a while because the nurses were stabilizing you.”Both our faces are sad, wishing we could take back the argument and the part where Megan nearly drowned.    

   “Was I really that bad?”     

   “The girl practically beat you to pulp, and to top it off she thought she should throw you in a lake. You were pretty bad.”    

   “I was stupid for thinking I could fight back.” A tear rolls down her pale cheeks; her face sucked inwards making her bones look pointy. I wipe it away with my thumb.    

   “Hey, you weren’t. I was so proud of you back there.”    

   “I shouldn’t have done it.”    

   “All our lives I’ve told you that you should stand up for yourself more, and now you have.” I try to stick to the positives to fight back tears.    

   “Yeah, and look what’s happened.” She gestures with her non-bandaged arm to the damage that was inflicted.    

   “You took a stand, and took my breath away at the same time.” She doesn’t reply to this. After a few minutes in silence, I say, “I’m sorry.”    

   “What for?” She tilts her head.    

   “I should’ve saved you. I could’ve saved you, but I didn’t. I’m so sorry Megs.” The tears I tried to fight back fall. This time, she wipes them away.    

   “I’m alive aren’t I? And that’s all that matters right now.” I sniff.    

   “You’re right.” I fix my gaze on her, and soon get lost in her eyes.    

   “What’re you looking at?” She asks quietly.    

   “Sorry, I was just...” My voice trails off as my eyes search her face.    

   “Just what?”     

   “Megan, I think I may just be... be falling for you.” I whisper the words close to her ear, and then look at her. Before she answers, I move my head round and touch her lips with my index finger, tracing the outline of them gently. Her lips tremble slightly, and tears pour from her eyes. I move my finger down to her chin, carefully tilting her head upwards, and press my lips into hers.     

   My stomach flips, and as I pull away, I’m instantly drawn back again, our lips serenading each other’s. I run my tongue along the inside of her bottom lip, giving me butterflies, and feel her press harder into me. For a second, she nibbles my lip, and I wish we could stay like this.    

   “So when can she come out of hospital?” I ask the doctor when he walks into the room.    

   “Tomorrow hopefully, depending on how she is tonight.” He replies.    

   “That’s fantastic! Doc, you’re truly amazing. Thank you!” I stand up and shake his hand thoroughly.     

   “It’s my pleasure young man.” A very nice man in my opinion. Megan smiles from ear to ear and it brings to me great warmth with which I want to hold onto forever. Ah my little Megan.   

   I walk over to the bed and sit down next to her, putting my arm round her small shoulders, just like the old days. She leans into me and we fit like a jigsaw. Oh Megan, if only you knew how much I am glad you are here right now. Maybe you will know one day, maybe you won’t. Maybe me and you won’t get married in the future, maybe something happens, we meet other people, maybe have an affair and split up? No, no, we will stay together until the end. Strouler and Alden forever. But they say forever never lasts.     

   I have to think positive.     

   Maybe just until one of us dies. But neither of us are going to die before the age of ninety. And I will die first. But I will write her a letter beforehand telling her that if she gets upset and depressed about me going, I will die sad, and if I die sad, she will not be happy. Mind you, that’s just a vicious cycle. Oh my God, why am I being so morbid?    

   “Oh Megan, tomorrow, you and me, out of this dump.” I say, letting the words role from my tongue like riding a bike and letting the wind blow through my hair.    

   “Hey! This place saved me from dyeing so I wouldn’t be calling it a dump if I were you.” The point she makes is true, but we’re both only joking, and I’m so happy we’re together again, and I know she’s safe.     

   “You’re right, I’m sorry. Tomorrow, you and me, out of this place.” I tell her, laughing    

   “Much better.” She smiles.    

   “I was thinking, I know how your dad feels.” I say, even surprising myself at how random this is.    

   “What do you mean?” she asks, he voice sounding offended, and I prey she isn’t upset with what I just said.    

   “I mean, well, I saw you lying there and I thought you were dead. My dreams were wrecked and I think, your dad wakes up every day in the bed they both lay in together, but she’s never there.”    

   “You don’t have a clue how my dad felt and still feels for my mum.” she spits, instantly giving me the knowledge that I never should have brought this up.    

   “I know and I never will feel that much for anyone but...”    

   “So you won’t feel that for me?” I won’t be getting out of this without a fight.    

   “Of course I do but...”     

   “But what? You just felt like saying you don’t love me?!” Her face could be the definition of anger, her eyes hollowed out and grey, her mouth a thin line.    

   “I never said that!”     

   “I don’t think you had to!” Now despair creaps into her voice, and I see she may be much better physically, but emotionally, it may take her a while to be herself again.     

   “Look! Look at us! What are we doing? I love you...”    

   “Don’t say that because you don’t.”    

   “I do Megan, I do!”    

   “No you don’t! You don’t feel anything for me. You were the one that told me I was too young to even know what love means, yet you’re only one year older and you go around saying that.”    

   “I have sat here by your side for days praying to that dear man up in the sky that you would open your eyes, as soon as you do you let out this... this... wrath... or some sort of hate towards me!” I’m shouting now, and regretting it instantly.    “Oh yeah sure.” She says spitefully.    

   “That’s it! You hate me don’t you? You really do. You’re trying to get rid of me.”    

   “Why would I try and do that you jealous freak? I love you but I can tell you think I’m not good enough for you. I can see it in your eyes.”    

   “Of course you are!”    

   “No I’m not! You want a pathetic excuse of a girl with massive boobs and no personality that will sit flirting with you all day.”     

   “Why would I?”    

   “You want Alicia. I can tell.”    

   “You must be joking? After all that she’s done to you, you really believe I’d want her? After every day we’ve spent together, yet you still don’t believe I love you for who you are.”     

   “Well you aren’t very convincing.”   I take her face in my hands and kiss her hard.  

   “Is that not convincing enough?” I shout in her face.    

   “What the hell was that for?”    

   “It was a kiss. Something two people do when they love each other.”    

   “Don’t be stupid.”    

   “So I’m stupid now then am I?”    

   “No. You’re just a man.”    

   “And clearly you’re just a little girl.” I say quietly. A tear rolls down my cheek. I storm from the room, slamming the door behind me, and take a seat in the waiting room. It’s empty so her family must be in the cafeteria. At least I can have some time to think.      

   I open my eyes to Steve nudging my shoulder. I must’ve fallen asleep whilst waiting for nothing to happen. John is with Steve too, and I feel strange, like they’re been watching me.    

   “How’re you my lad?” asks John, putting a hand on my shoulder.    

   “She’s awake.” I say flatly, whilst stretching out my stiff limbs.     

   “Marvellous! Fantastic!” says John, getting over excited and jumping around rather a lot for someone is age. Then both of them walk into her room joyously, just the way I had reacted a few hours ago when I saw those eyes. Who am I kidding? I love her to bits. I can’t just sit here and let her loath me. I’ve got to tell her how I feel. Oh wait, I’ve already tried. Great, my future’s gone thanks to some stupid argument. You see, when Megan thinks something she’ll stick to it forever and never go back on her word. Another reason why I love her. Then again, she said she loved me so maybe she was telling the truth. I will talk to her, just when those too have gone.    

   “Dylan?” Steve calls.    

   “Yeah?” I reply, not actually concentrating on what he’s about to say.    

   “Urm... Megan says she only wants to talk to you and is refusing to talk to us.” He says, his voice husky and confused.    

   “Oh, right. Sorry. I guess... I should... Shall I see what’s wrong... or...?” Nerves hit me.    

   “Urm... Yeah... please...” for once, Steve seems speechless. I stand up and squeeze past him through the narrow door and as I do so he pats me on the shoulder and gives me a wry smile. I walk in and hold Megan’s hand. John exits the room and shuts the door behind him, leaving us in the middle of four bare walls that are slowly closing in around me.     

   “It’s been a while since we last spoke.” She says quietly, rubbing my hands between hers.    

   “I know.” I reply.    

   “Look, I’m sorry.”     

   “So am I. Truly.”    

   “It was my fault. I got all emotional over my mum and stuff...”     

   “No, I should’ve never brought it up.”    

   “I’m glad you did. I think it’s sweet that you care for me and my dad.”    


   “Yes. Look, my reaction was out of order, and there’s no excuse that could explain why I acted the way I did. I lashed out, and I’m sorry.” I kiss her forehead.    

   “You know what, tomorrow we will be home, and we will go to our tree and have a picnic, and fall asleep under the stars.” I say, trying to forget everything.    

   “Oh Dylan, can we, really?” she asks, staring up at me with her big blue eyes. They’re just like her mother’s.     I remember her mother like she was my own. She used to pack our picnics for us and give us cookies and hot milk at night. In the winter she used to tuck us up into bed together with some hot chocolate and marsh mellows. She always wore dresses, even when riding her horse, and I remember I used to want to marry someone just as beautiful. I used to say to Megan that I was going to marry her mother one day and care for the whole family. She used to tell me that my father would never let such a thing happen so I told her I’d settle for her. She always smelt really nice too, like freshly picked flowers. And her hair was silky soft. She gave me hugs and every time her hair rubbed against my cheek, it was like touching honey or water.     

   “Of course we can. We’ll go on our horses, and we’ll have so much fun, like back when we were seven.” I say very softly, trying to make all the bad things fade away. She deserves that.    

   “You’re my hero, do you know that?” I laugh at her.    

   “You goof ball.” I say softly.    

   “Sorry.” She says the word as if she’s done something terrible.     

   “Don’t apologize.”     

   “Sorry!” she giggles, and I squeeze her hand tightly, because she’s so adorable.

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