Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


3. The party


Dylan gets out the car and waves at me casually. I wave back and feel my knees collapse beneath me under his gaze. Does he have to be so gorgeous? He runs a hand through his hair, pulls up his trousers slightly and then he’s popping a mint into his mouth.     

   Beautiful is the best word to describe him.     

   He’s my best friend and I love him to bits. We’ve known each other for fourteen years and I’ve always loved him. He was the only thing I knew, and I took him for granted until I was at least 9. Then, I saw he was funny and playful, I liked having him around. I began to tell him everything, and found I could trust him more than any of my girlfriends; they were too bitchy. Lastly, a year ago, I looked at him and saw what all this time together had been leading up to.    

   He lives next door to me but I had no idea that he was coming to the party. He is so good-looking. He has twinkling green eyes and soft brown hair that flops over his forehead and skims his eyebrows. It’s tasselled, uneven and looks great, not like some lads where it’s cut in a straight line all the way across. Sometimes he sticks it up but I think it doesn’t look as nice.     

   His skin is tanned darkly but not too much and he’s gained some good muscles over the last couple of years. He can be really sweet and he’s the only lad I can really trust. I’ve never felt this for anybody before. Well, to be honest, I haven’t really met that many other lads, but he’s definitely the nicest in our school. And no, I’m not being biased.      

   Yet, his looks aren’t what I love about him.     

   I love the way his gaze falls when he laughs, and the way his smile shows his teeth biting together, and how he is so interesting to talk to, and seems to know the world even though he’s barely been outside of town. I love how he talks, I love every phrase he uses that I could never think of, and I love how he looks at me when I say something dumb. The way he confides in me makes me want to be a better person, and when we talk in a crowded room, he puts his mouth to my ear so I can hear him, making his breath tickle. I love his artistic hands, so big, yet they produce such beautiful things, and I love how gentle he is. The way he’s so opinionated, and sees through people, and always knows when somebody’s lying. He never underestimates though, and is kind-hearted and strong willed. He’s loud and clumsy, never afraid. He’s reckless, never boring, and when I’m with him he makes me feel like I’m the most important thing to him.    He walks over to me and gives me a hug. Then he puts his arm round me and I blush a little but suddenly feel complete. I fit perfectly under his arm, a warm and fuzzy feeling grows in the pit of my stomach, like someone just lit a candle inside me.  The presence when he’s around me makes me feel like I’m a whole person, and I just have to be me,  not pretend that I’m anything special when I’m not. Plus, the feeling I get when we touch is literally indescribable. If I had to, I’d say that my tummy flips, and my smile automatically grows.    

   We begin to walk up towards the monstrous house, I get a really nervous feeling sprouting around my heart, and it tingles. Dylan knocks on the big wooden door with the fancy lion head knocker and we stand there for a few seconds before the door opens slowly.   

    Alicia is standing at the door in a tight orange boob tube with printed white flowers around the bottom and a really puffy white rah-rah skirt that almost looks like a too-too. Her skirt is really short; I’m surprised I can’t see her underwear. She is wearing gorgeous silver stilettos with a massive platform. They must be about five inches. Her straight black hair that has recently been re-died because her natural light brown roots were coming through just yesterday, goes over her darkly tanned shoulders, covers her breasts and stops at her middle. She is caked in make-up, her face is almost as orange as her top and her eyelashes are so long they nearly touch her perfectly plucked eye brows. Her cheekbones look as high as always thanks to the vast amount of blusher she’s slapped on and her lips are a hot pink, so glossy it seems she has put a whole tube on them. She has smoky green eye shadow on that brings out her dark brown eyes. Normally, like her wannabe's that follow her round school, it would look really tacky and cheap, yet on her it looks amazing. I don’t know how she does it but she looks gorgeous. I look up at her, a bit bewildered, and then glance at Dylan. He’s smiling at me.     

   I wonder if he’s been staring at me the whole time. I give him a quick smile and look back at Alicia, hoping I don’t look surprised, over smiley or dorkely eager. I give a slight cough to restore my face back to the mysterious hard-to-get look. Alicia gives me a small smile back, the type you give to three year olds in supermarkets. I know she pities me.     

   “Are you going to stand out there all night?” she asks in her “too cool to care” tone.  

    “Hi Alicia, how are you?” Dylan asks politely, looking up at her from her gravelled path. We are two steep steps away from being inside her house.     

   “I’m okay.” She says it breathlessly, running her hand through her hair. She sticks out her D cup breasts and sucks in her tummy; loads of girls at my school fancy Dylan. Well to be fair, they just think he’s hot like a lot of lads at our school and Alicia flirts with everyone.     

   He steps up into her house and is just a few inches away from her. They are the same height so they’re face to face. Her chest touches his chest and she’s draped her arms round his neck, pulling him close. He hugs her back, putting his arms round her small waist. He pulls away from her and as he does so she pecks him on the cheek. It’s a casual thing, she does it to everyone, but it makes me flare up inside, like my heart’s turning green. He blushes slightly, leaving me feeling empty. I can almost hear the echoes bouncing off my bones.     

   Then I step up, wave, say hi and am about to walk off with Dylan when she puts her arms round my neck. She leans over slightly because I’m a head shorter than her and then she pulls me close so I’m pressing against her full figure. I lightly hang my arms round her waist so as to be in the group and then once I pull away she kisses my cheek. I give her a small disturbed smile and walk over to Dylan, who is standing by a huge staircase waiting for me.        

   He puts his arm round me again and my stomach does a flip. He takes a few shy steps forward and then Alicia comes strutting past us. Dylan suddenly removes his arm from around my shoulders and follows her in awe and my heart – again – sinks to the pit of my stomach.     

   I tag along behind them, watching as they are talking about one thing or another. They walk into a big room with large patio doors leading onto a huge stretch of lawn. There are big black leather sofas and armchairs and in one corner there is an L shaped sofa that sits snugly against the crisp white walls. One wall is covered in white trees with a black background and has a grand marble fireplace at its centre. Above that is a rectangular mirror with a golden frame. There are black and white photographs of her family and they all have matching black frames. The carpet is also crisp white and a woolly black rug lies aside to the hearth. Huge curtains are draped above the patio doors and they hang loosely at the side, just skimming the carpet. There is a tall bookshelf cluttered with books and on that is a lamp. There are roughly 20 other teenagers in the room besides us and the music is drumming through my ears. Just about everyone is holding beer glasses filled with beer or some other form of alcoholic drink. Alicia hands Dylan a pint and he takes a big gulp of it. I can tell he doesn’t like it by the way he just wrinkled up his nose, it is his discreet way of putting it even though I am the only one who knows what it means. He made it up at my house when we were seven. He was round at mine and he never had a thing for eggs. My mama served up scrambled egg on toast for supper and he took a bite out of it and wrinkled up his nose. I asked if he wanted a tissue and he whispered that it was just his way of saying he doesn’t like something.     Despite this he keeps a firm grip on the glass and takes another sip. He’s probably trying to impress Alicia. She snatches the pint off Dylan, has a sip and then gives it back to him, batting her eye lashes. He smiles at her and they start talking about something but I can’t really hear them. They’re standing only a few inches apart so they can here each other quite well.     

   Jason Hallings taps me on the shoulder and is about to say something to me when I realize I’m standing in the middle of the doorway, so I go and take a seat on the L shaped sofa. Jason follows me and sits so close I feel claustrophobic. He leans in towards my ear and says, “You look gorgeous tonight.” His breath smells of bear and it tickles my ear. His green eyes are shining and his tanned skin is glistening. Then I realize it’s wet. Alicia must have a pool or something outside. He has no shirt on and I see that he’s got a six pack coming on along with huge abs.

   I feel myself blush slightly from the compliment and then reply, “Thanks.” He strokes the side of my face. I turn my head slightly and glance up at Dylan and Alicia.   

   She takes the beer glass off of him again but this time she places it on the bookshelf. When she returns to Dylan she puts her hands on his chest and breaths heavily. She leans in and I think she’s about to kiss him but then she puts her mouth near his ear and whispers something. He smiles again and strokes her face. I feel crushed. He lifts up her chin slightly so there lips are in line with each other and then she leans in to kiss him. He kisses her back and tears prick my eyes.     

   “What’s up gorgeous?” Jason asks me. Jason is pretty hot to be fair, he’s on the football team and quite a few girls fancy him. For the past year he has fancied me and has had no intentions on hiding it.  I’m just really not in the mood, I feel so dumped on. He turns my head towards him and I move my body with it.   

    “Nothing.” I lie. I think he can sense my disappointment but doesn’t make it clear.    

    “Well that’s good then.” He picks up a strand of my blond hair. It’s wispy and tangled, and I suddenly regret doing nothing with it. He twists it round his index finger, looking at it as if it was gold. Then he puts his other hand on my cheek, cradling my face. He leans into kiss me but I hesitate slightly. I don’t want to, I don’t feel that way about him. I look at Dylan. I lean in slightly too and our lips brush together. My stomach tingles a bit but it’s nowhere near the same feeling I get when Dylan hugs me. I pull away from him and he looks at me, first like he’s staring at the most gorgeous thing on earth and then he looks puzzled. I give him a small smile, trying to make him less confused and he smiles back at me. I kiss him again, forcing myself to act like I’m enjoying it, and then when I look up in the direction of Dylan and Alicia, they are no longer there. Then I see Alicia out of the corner of my eye with her ex-boyfriend, Sam Kunsthorpe. I breathe out, I sign of relief, and smile to myself.     

   I peck Jason on the cheek and stand up, ready to find Dylan. Jason grabs my hand and stands up too.        

   “Where are we going babe?” He asks. I roll my eyes and take a deep breath in.

   “I’ve gotta’ go to the bathroom.” I lie.     

   “Oh okay then, I’ll miss you.” He gives me a beaming smile and waves. I smile back and practically run to the under-stairs loo. I lock the door and turn on the light. It’s huge.    

   I thought the staircase was big but I didn’t realize it was this big! Well, it’s about the same size as my normal upstairs bathroom so for an under the stairs loo, it is pretty huge. There is a white toilet and matching sink with a large shower in the corner. There is just a long sheet of glass that touches the floor to the ceiling that acts as a shower curtain and a posh ebony curtain on a solid silver rail is leaning against it. There is a huge mirror above the porcelain sink and when I look at my reflection I see my mother. I could be her identical twin. Sadly though, only my features match her, where as my hair is a sad affair, and the mascara I couldn’t be bothered to wipe from my eyelid earlier has smudged and looks tragic. My foundation has cracked, but smoothes over as I rub my knuckles against my cheeks.    

   My shoes clonk against the shiny marble tiles and it echoes around me as the walls are the exact same, all tiles, right up to the ceiling. The roof is painted ebony red and there are pictures of rubies on the walls in silver frames. The room feels dingy and dark, but incredibly elegant. The tops of the taps are rubies with an engraved H and C. The taps on the shower are also rubies.     

   I put the toilet lid down and sit on it, still staring at my reflection. I frown. I look exactly like my mother and am exactly like my mother but I look ugly, and feel it too. No boy would ever want me. Well, besides Jason, but he doesn’t count. I’m unpopular and un-cool. My sad reputation hasn’t helped, because nobody wants to be involved with a miserable person, but at heart I’m as happy as anybody else. Okay, we don’t have money, and okay, I have to work to earn my keep. It’s tough, and sometimes I find myself wishing life was easier, but I’m fine.    

   I stand up and reach inside my tan leather hand bag, finding a tube of lip gloss, a tube of mascara and a tiny sample bottle of perfume, “Delouge”, the exact same perfume my mum always wore. I pull out the tube of mascara first and carefully place the gloopy black liquid on my eye lashes. I put my hand back inside my bag along with the mascara and pull out a clear tube of lip gloss. I apply that onto my lips, making them extra shiny and super irresistible. I put that back in my bag and I spray my mother’s old perfume all over me. Now I have got to go and find Dylan and make him realize that we are destined to be together.     

   I unlock the bathroom door and try to make my way through the now-crowded hallway. I glance into the room we were in before but there’s no sign of him. I start making my way toward the kitchen and bump into someone. I look up and staring from two feet above me is this light blonde haired lad, probably one of Alicia’s boyfriend’s, staring down at me.     “I’m sorry.” I say, trying to make my way round his well-built figure.    

   “No, I am, I didn’t see you down there. I’m Nate; it’s nice to meet you.” He says, holding a steady gaze with his alarmingly bright blue eyes.    

   “Yeah yeah, it’s a pleasure to meet you too...” I rush, trying to get past him. He grabs my shoulders and pushes me back so our bodies are align.    

   “And you are?” he asks.    

   “Trying to find someone. Now if you excuse me...”  

   “Who? I might know them.” He interrupts.    

   “I’m pretty sure you won’t.” I barge past him, trying to see over the heads of all the people in my way.    

   “What’s your name?” He shouts after me.     

   “Megan.” I shout back.     I walk hurriedly through the teenagers, searching for him. I finally make it into the kitchen and find Dylan is standing chatting to Blake, his biology partner. I walk over to him and pull him away.     

   “Hi. I haven’t seen you at all so far. How’s the party going?” I ask him.    

   “It’s great! Blake and I were just talking about his new girlfriend, Davina. Don’t you have Geography with her?”  

   “Urm... Yeah I do. She sits behind me. She’s... Very... Flashy.”  

   “Yeah,” he laughs slightly, “She is a bit into the whole mini skirt and cleavage thing.” He says.    

   “Are you? I mean... What type of girls do you like?” I let myself blush.    

   “Urm... I don’t know... Alicia’s pretty cute, don’t you think?”    

   “Well yeah. If you think slaggy is cute.”I mutter under my breath. He hears me.    

   “Hey don’t be like that! What’s up with you?”    

   “I just thought you said you didn’t like girls that had to walk around in bare minimum to get noticed. I thought you said you liked... liked... liked girls like me.”    

   “Megan. You know you’re my girl, you always will be, but maybe it’s time we, you know, went out with other people. You and I have been inseparable, best friends right from the start, but I’m ready to have my first proper girlfriend now.”  

   “I could be your first proper girlfriend.” I reply, trying to sound as sexy as Alicia but it just comes out sounding like I’ve got a sore throat.     

   “Megan, it was fun but you and me, we aren’t meant for each other. I mean what about you and Jason? Besides, I already have someone. You’ll always be my girl though, my best mate.” Tears prick my eyes once again.    

   “I can be more than your best mate, more than any other girl will ever be to you. I want to be. Please. I love you Dylan. Jason means absolutely nothing to me and you’re the one I want.” he looks at me with shocked eyes. I am begging, my voice is cracking, and I can feel that so is my heart.    

   “No! I’m sorry Megan but no. You’re not the one. I don’t love you. This has gone too far and I’m sorry if I ever led you on. I need to go and find Alicia. You’re too young to know what love means, and this is just stupid.” He pushes me out the way and I try to grab him but he’s gone, swallowed up in the sea of people. I start running towards the bathroom, shoving everyone out of my way; tears are streaming down my face. I can’t see, the tears have made my eyes go blurry. I can see figures, colours and shapes, but now the world seems to be in shadows, and I don’t know where to turn next. I open my mouth and try to scream but    I’m so hurt that I don’t think I know how to. My mind, it’s so out of proportion and I don’t know why I’m here tonight. I was so naive to ever think that we’d be together. Stupid, stupid girl.     

   My fists are clenched and my heads down, and I’m running, and dodging people. I suddenly bang into someone. I glance up and see through my tears that it’s Nate again. I collapse in his arms; he catches me and holds me tight, even though I only met him ten minutes ago. He picks me up and cradles me like a baby, dodging all the people and carrying me up the grand stairs. He carries me through a corridor and then walks into a blue and black bedroom. He lays me down on the soft double bed and sits beside me, letting me cry on him. We lay there together for a long time, I don’t know exactly how long for, but not one of us says a word. I shut my eyes and...      

   I open my eyes and Nate is sat, holding me up and stroking my hair like a dog. I look up at him and he gives me a smile. I look at my watch and it reads, 01:24. It is twenty-five past one in the morning on Sunday! Oh my god! I sit up in a panic but then a great weight comes slamming down on my brain, a pain so painful yet casually familiar that it makes me want to cry. Dylan’s not mine anymore. He’s gone.    

   Nate puts his hand softly on my head and pulls me close to his chest, rocking me. “It’s okay, everything’s fine. Close your eyes and go back to sleep until the morning.” His voice is soft and gentle yet firm, like I can’t say no to it. And I don’t want to, I don’t have the will power or energy.    

   “Wait!” I say wearily, “Why are you caring for me?”    

   “Because I’m nice and you’ve obviously had your heart broken.”    

   “How do you know?” I ask.    

   “I don’t know, I can just tell.”    

   “But why are you comforting me. If any random person had their heart broken, I wouldn’t comfort them like this.”    

   “I wouldn’t normally either, but something drawers me to you, it’s hard to explain.” He says quietly.    

   “Who are you?” I ask, very puzzled. Every word we pass between each other is a whisper.    


   “Yes, I know that, but who are you?”    

   “I’m Alicia’s cousin.”    

   “Well how come I’ve never seen you before?”    

   “I don’t live here, I live far away, now can you stop quizzing me please.” He says it firmly again yet still so that I feel comfortable.    


   “Anyway, doesn’t it feel strange that you are lying on some stranger in his bed?” he asks, now quizzing me.    

   “Well I guess. It feels quite weird really.” I reply truthfully. I’m so tired though, and my voice is thin. I attempt to sit again, but my muscles crunch.    

   “And it felt natural for me to comfort you.”    

   “Do I know you? I mean, do I remember you from somewhere?”    

   “I’m pretty sure this is the first time we met.” He says, looking down at me.    

   “Oh. Right then. I should get going...” I say, struggling to sit up. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, and the realisation hits home that I am going to get so told off.    

   “No way. You’ve got a kind handsome man caring for you. Just go to sleep until the morning and everything will be fine.” He says, smiling now. I don’t want to argue with him, and even though he is kind and handsome, this still isn’t right.    

   “Aren’t you modest?” I say, standing up and smoothing out the creases in my dress. He stands up, grabs my hands and looks at my lips. He leans closer toward me and I lean toward him to. Why am I doing this? I don’t know but I can’t stop myself. I’m too broken, and don’t want to be, and I am doing stupid things, why? Rebound.     

   Our lips touch and I grow dizzy. My heart sprouts wings and flaps hard inside my chest. A cloud blows over my mind and sweeps my memory away, Dylan; gone, my dad; gone, Jason; gone. The world starts shimmering a whole new light; faded red patterns are swirling round when I close my eyes. I’m finally wanted.    I pull away from him slightly, just so that I can look at him, our noses are brushing together. Everything fades away. The dizziness stops. The wings fall away from my chest. A dark cloud returns over my mind and so does Dylan, my dad and Jason. The world stops shimmering and turns back to its original colour, the red patterns fade away. I feel addicted to his lips. I look away from him and he places his finger on my chin, turning my head towards him. I look down at his lips again and kiss him, my own personal drug.   

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