Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


9. The morning after


I’m wide awake. Megan’s asleep on my chest. Her breathing is soft, like a fairy’s, and her hair is all wispy. We’re both naked, wrapped in a blanket, warm from each other’s body heat. It must only be about five, but the sun is slowly creeping up the hill, ready for another tiring day.     

   I don’t want to move in case I disturb her. She looks so peaceful. Her eyelids are fluttering slightly, she must be dreaming. I pull the blanket further up around her shoulders to ensure that she’s warm enough. Although it’s late summer, there’s a strong chill in the air.     Last night will make us closer than we have ever been. We spoke with our bodies, and now together, we gave ourselves to one another. I don’t want to leave her side, but I know that tonight, she will be alone in her bed, and I shall be alone in mine. It saddens me to think that I might never have another moment like this again. I love lying in silence, not even the birds awake yet.     

   I couldn’t sleep last night. I woke up a few times, but Megan fell asleep straight away.     

   Thinking about everything, I’m so glad she was my one. Her personality is off the scale; bubbly, original and funny. She’s never afraid to make a fool of herself, and whenever she does she laughs it off in a charming way. I love how sorted she is, like she knows exactly how she wants to live, yet still takes every day as it comes, walking with slow footsteps.      

   She’s my dream that’s finally come true.       

   I don’t care what anyone thinks about me anymore. I used to be the really popular type, scared to act around or laugh too much in case somebody was watching me, but now, all that has changed.     

   Megan yawns and slowly rubs her eyes, bracing them to see the large ball of fire that she hasn’t seen for about ten hours. When she does open her eyes, she sits there for a few seconds, looking over the hillside and beyond, and then after those few seconds of her remembering where she is, she looks at me. Her kiss sends a hurricane up from my toes, rippling towards my head and crashing once it reaches the end.     

   “Morning.” Her voice reaches me sleepily.     

   “Morning,” I reply, “Did you sleep well?”    

   “Yeah.” She says, wrapping a blanket around her chest and standing up.     


   “Did you?” she asks.    

   “No, not really.” I tell her.    

   “Oh. Why not?”    

   “I don’t know really, I’ve just been thinking a lot I guess.” She doesn’t reply to this, apart from the slight nod of her head, but begins to get dressed.    

   I pull on my boxers and jeans and collect the blankets from the ground. Megan packs up everything from last night as I pull on my trainers and put the red rucksack containing our things, on my back. Then, after about ten minutes of sorting out, off we go, walking down the grassy hill towards the steel estate. Although we have been lying down for a long time, my legs ache and I feel unbalanced as I walk. I look back at Megan though, and some of the strength I lost last night suddenly gets drilled back into me, pushing me forward.     I’d say it’s probably about six, and we’ve been walking for roughly 10 minutes. I can see our street now, and we’ll be there in 5 minutes. Megan is being ever so lovely, I thought she might be a bit shy or a bit off with me because of what happened, but she is being even bubblier than usual. I love it when she’s in a good mood; whoever she’s with always has loads of fun. Plus, it’s really easy for her to make people laugh or smile when they’re down.    

   I walk Megan to her door and hand her the bag, then make decide on helping out with the farming before I go back home to take a shower.    

   “I’ll see you in about twenty minutes then.” She says as she is puts Aura in his stable from being out all night.    

   “Okay, see you then beautiful!” I shout as Pringles starts trotting off back up the yard. And, that’s the last thing I see of her. I give Pringles a quick 20 minute ride like we agreed, and take him back to his stable to find no Megan.     

   I decide this is a good time to get a shower.    

   “Hey mum! I’m gonna’ go get cleaned up and then go round to Megan’s!” I shout. As I start jogging up the staircase, my mum walks out of the kitchen with her washing up gloves on and some old dungarees.    

   “But you’ve been living at the hospital for two weeks and you’ve been out with her all yesterday and all night, you’ve only just got home!” she yells up to me with a worried and hurt expression on her face.    

   “I know but I need to go round and check on her family. It’s the first time they’ll be seeing her normal again, and I want to be there.” I say, stopping; now mid-way upstairs, itching to go and get clean.     

   “I haven’t seen you for so long! Your father’s in the living room re-decorating, we need your help! I’m sure Megan will be just fine.” My mother loves Megan ever so much, nearly as much as I do, but she gets upset when she sees me growing up, she’s so soft.     

   “I’ll go next door and then at about two-ish I’ll bring her round to see you and she can help you with the dinner whilst Dad and I are painting the living room. Sound like a plan?” I ask her.    

   “Yes, it does sunshine. Come here.” She says.    

   “But...” I say, but going back down the stairs even so.    

   “Give me a hug.” I go over to her and wrap my arms around her, pulling her in close and being reminded of when I was younger. I’m much taller than she is now, but I still feel like her little boy.        

   “I’m just so proud of you.” She whispers. I pull away from her and smile, unable to reply.    

   Without saying anything else I run back up the stairs and hop in the shower.     

   I go into my wardrobe and pull out a checked shirt and some smart jeans. I very quickly slide them on and run round to Megan’s, hoping I look okay. I knock on the door, even though I know that I don’t need to, and then after waiting for less than ten seconds, John opens the door to me.    

   “Hello my son! And how’re you?” He says cheerily, his smile bringing warmth to my stomach.    

   “I’m great thanks, how’re you?”    

   “Fantastic, absolutely fantastic.” He says, shaking his head as if he can’t believe it, “Come on in lad.”As I’m told, I step into the hall and follow him through into the kitchen where Megan and the rest of her family are gathered round the dining table playing charades. Its Karen’s go, and she’s prancing around with a huge bump weighing her down. She’s eight months pregnant, 38 week along. She’s miming, and I can tell people have been guessing for at least ten minutes.    

   “The one show!” shouts Honey. She shakes her head and continues. Then all in a hurry everyone is shouting out different answers, and they’re all wrong. I know what it is.     

   “The royal family!” I call out. Everyone turns round to face me and then in a flurry and a blur, they’re on top of me giving me kisses, welcoming me and sharing with me their warm embraces. Megan isn’t joining in with the hugs and the kisses though; she simply stands back, smiling at me with sun rays beaming from her beauty. Her twinkly eyes look proud and for a split second, she looks old, grown up, wise.     

   “Hello.” She speaks quietly once people have calmed down. They stand back away from us, creating a path for her to walk down.     She’s wearing a white dress, up to her knee, its strapless, and it shows a small bit of cleavage. It’s very floaty, and her hair is down, swaying and blowing in the gentle breeze that’s coming from the open window. She has a daisy in her hair, her favourite flower of all time. She continues to walk towards me, but it feels like it’s taking so long for her to reach me. She puts her arms around my neck as I put my arms round her waste, and we kiss. I can hear her family behind the fireworks; they are cooing and saying what a lovely couple we make.   


And after all that falling, I feel weightless... After all the pain I have endured, I feel insanely tranquil... After all the nothingness, my vision goes beyond blackness for the very last time... And I’m thinking... me... who am I... who was I...      


Then, out of the blue, for no apparent reason, I let my arms hang freely from where they are around her waist, I unhook her from my neck, and I make my way to the other end of the kitchen, by the sink.  My neck is burning from all the eyes following me. A nut, one of those metal ones that screws onto a bolt, is sitting there, on the side, from when I fixed their leak.    

   I pick it up and walk back over to Megan, the pathway they formed for us still there. I slowly get down on one knee, and say, “Megan Strouler, please accept my hand in marriage.” I take her hand, kiss it, and slide the nut onto the end of her wedding finger. It obviously doesn’t fit, but works perfectly when all other recourses let you down.   


I was human... Far from normal... Far from loved...  Close to falling off the edge... Yet so in love...      


Everybody stares at me in disbelief. Her father looks at me uncomfortably.  Honey is standing, hands clutched tightly in front of her chest, with a wide grin glued to her face, eyes filling up with tears. John is almost looking worried, probably hoping that Steve won’t kick off. His grey eyebrows furrowing closer together than they usually do, making the prominent creases in the gap between his eyebrows, crease even more.      

   Karen is stood smiling, eyes filling up also, rubbing her big baby bump. Jack is gazing at us both, eyes wide open, as if he is watching a football match. I feel myself slush scarlet.    

   I stand up, getting up off of my knee, and take Megan by the hand, dragging her out into the hall. Her family peer out of the kitchen door. “So, what do ya’ say?” I ask, my hands shaking more than I have ever known possible for man.     

   “I say...” she pauses for breath and then puts her mouth to my ear, whispering, “No.”    

   Then there’s silence for a few seconds. “I’m too young.” She explains.    

   I say, “Age is just a number?”    

   “Oh Dylan.” She says, stroking my face with her thumb, her weak smile full of sympathy.      

   I pick her up and swing her round and round, then cradle her like a baby, planting a kiss on her forehead.  “I love you Megan, ever so much.”   

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