Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


13. Taking it badly


Mum’s frozen and is no longer taking small sips from her tea. My dad’s newspaper is on the floor, and he is sat looking confused. My mum stutters and then says, “Are you sure?”    

   “We’re sure.” I reply sternly.     

   “And... And how do you know?” She asks, with no real facial expression, but I can tell she’s not overwhelmed with joy.    

   “Megan was... She’s been...” My voice trails off as Megan interrupts me.    

   “I’ve been sick a lot lately, and so was my mum when she was pregnant with my baby brother or sister. You probably know, that was how she died.” My mum bends her head, looking ashamed. “Well because I’ve been so ill, Dylan and Honey took me to the doctors, and they took a blood test. The results came back saying I was pregnant.” She finishes off, smiling but being weary, she can tell we’re walking on egg shells here.    

   “Oh.” Oh is all that my mother can squeeze out, and I’m praying that she will accept it.     

   “Do you realise what you have just gotten yourselves into?” My dad asks, spitting out every word with a sharp edgy tone to his voice.    

   “Yes. We understand that we’re very young and this is going to be hard work...”Megan sticks up for herself.    

   “Haven’t you thought about abortion or adoption?” My mum chirps in. My dad turns his head sharply in her direction, but I can’t see the facial expression he throws her way. She glares back at him.    

   “Mother!” I shout, completely shocked at her.    

   “I have thought about it, but I don’t think there’s any need.” Megan says. I glance at her. What’s she going to do now?    

   “So you were considering it then?” My mum says slyly, linking her hands together and resting them in her lap.    

   “I was, but not anymore. Dylan’s always going to be there, looking after this child just as much as I will be, and my dad, and my grandparents, maybe even Karen and Jack, they said they will all pitch in if we ever needed any help.” She’s speaking very confidently, and I admire her so much.    

   “What about money though? And where will you live?” She keeps pushing. If she carries on pushing us, we’ll be too far away from her, we won’t want her part of this child’s life.    

   “We’ll do just fine. I promise you. Your grandchild has the happiest life ahead of it.” She beams.    

   My mum looks startled for a moment then, and after a few seconds of getting her head round the “grandchild” bit, she smiles meekly and nods her head.    

   “Well, I’m glad to hear it.” She comes out with. Megan squeezes my leg and smiles at me with happiness, however I’m not so convinced. I put my arm round her and smile back at her, but I don’t think the smile looked genuine, as she keeps a confused gaze on me for a short while, and when I don’t reply with any other facial expression, she turns back to my dad.    

   “So, what do you think about it?”    

   “Do you want me to be honest with you?” He grumbles, scratching his head nervously and messing around with his reading glasses.     

   “Yes, I do.” She replies.     

   He swallows and turns towards us. “I think you’re too young and it’s going to be very hard. I think you were foolish to get yourselves into this situation, and I also thought you were cleverer than this.” He speaks clearly but sounds shy, he doesn’t want to say anything to make us defensive and upset with him.    

   “We are young dad, and I hope you know this wasn’t planned, but we aren’t just going to give up a person’s life.” I tell him firmly.    

   “I understand that, and I completely agree that abortion is wrong, but it situations like this…” He trailed off, and as he spoke he didn’t look at me.     

   “So you want us to get rid of the baby?” I ask him, my anger growing with every word he says.    

   “In all honesty I do. It’s not fair on you or the child.”    

   “How is it not fair on us? I don’t understand.”    

   “Because you’re wasting your life away, all your mates will be going out clubbing, and you’ll go, “Yeah I can come. Oh no, wait, I have to look after my 5 year old.””    

   “You’re sinking really low now dad.” I say with gritted teeth.    

   “I won’t say I told you so.” He says.    

   “You won’t have to.” I storm out the room, not wanting to look at either of my parents again. I go to the front door, put my hand on the handle, and am about to walk out the house, when I hesitate.   My parents are talking to Megan in hushed tones.     

   “You’ve upset him now!” She whispers.    

   “Well are we meant to be happy that our sixteen year old son’s girlfriend is pregnant with his baby?” My dad hisses back.    

   “Yes! You are meant to be supporting and loving.”    

   “Darling, this is a bit extreme, especially for your age. It’s too young.” My mum butts in, her voice slightly louder.    

   “I don’t care. I love your son, and have done for a long time. Most parents would be proud of him. I will show him the support he needs if you don’t, and then it’ll be you he doesn’t want to have anything to do with, not our baby.”    

   “Ha! And how happy is your father about this?”My dad asks in more than an inquisitive tone.    

   “He understands! He’s there for me! He’s not thrilled about it, but he’s being kind, and he’s helping us. He’s being so lovely to Dylan about it all. He’s doing so much more than I can imagine you two will ever do.”    

   “Oh please. He’s probably just acting like that because he doesn’t want to be named a hypocrite. He was stupidly young when you were born. How old was your mother? Fourteen?” I hated my dad so much right now.    

   “Ben! Enough!” My mum whispered in her angry voice. Oh yeah, just because he mentioned Meg's mum.    

   “She was sixteen actually!”    

   “Ahh! I see where you get it from then.”     

   I don’t hear her reply, if there is one, and a few moments later she’s storming out the room, anger spread across her face like a storm cast above a dancing sea.     

   “Let’s go.” Her voice doesn’t match her expression. Her voice sounds hurt, and young, too young. Too hurt. She looks down and fiddles with the sleeve on her dressing gown as I look her over and twist the door handle until it clicks.     

   “Come on then.” I say as I see my mum’s disappointed face walk through the door. I look at her, my face down and exhausted with sadness and heart ache, now realizing where I stand. Megan looks behind her and sees what I was looking at as I usher her out of the door. Without another word, it’s shut behind us, and the bracing wind is hitting our cheeks.   

   I realize it’s started raining, it’s nice. It’s refreshing and calming from the previous turn of events. The way it’s dropping on my skin, so light and cold makes me shiver, and I catch up with Megan so I can put my arms round her shoulders to try and keep her warm.     Then, after a few footsteps, we’re back at Megan’s, and I can see through the kitchen window that the kettle is brewing away, just like I suspect a heavy downpour of rain is too.    

   The door opens before we get the chance to set foot underneath the porch, and Karen is stood there with her arms folded over her stomach.   Life will fly passed your window if you don’t open it soon enough.        

   She waves with her free hand and ushers us inside, shouting something about it being cold, and now we’re stepping into the porch and being welcomed with Karen’s warm embrace. Walking through the hall, I notice boxes pressed against the walls and a carrier seat shoved in the corner, ready for the soon-to-arrive baby. We go to take a seat in the kitchen where Jack is sat drinking a mug of tea, doing something on his laptop, probably work or looking for more baby things.    

   God, soon I’ll be doing all this, and Megan will be sat with her arms wrapped round her stomach, protecting her little baby. Our little baby.    I can hear John jogging down the stairs, and when he walks into the kitchen I see he’s carrying some empty card board boxes. When he sees us he gives us broad smiles.    

   “Hiya kids, and where’ve you two been?”    

   “We went to break the news to Ben and Kayleigh.” Megan tells him. Karen looks up from her knitting and Jack stops browsing the web, John puts the boxes in the re-cycling bin just outside the backdoor before returning his attention to us, and I know they are nervous to hear the news.    

   “Oh yes, and how did it go?” He asks eyes wide with hope.    

   “Awful.” Megan groans. Her face has contorted into a sad painting, matching the weather outside these walls.    

   “What happened?” Asked Karen. John fetches himself a mug of coffee, the whole time turning his head towards the conversation so we know he’s still listening. Then he sits down at the table with everyone else, ready for story time.     

   “We told them and at first they seemed okay with it.” She starts. I rub her back so she knows I’m with her the whole way.     

   Now it’s my turn.    

   “My mum brought up abortion and adoption and all sorts of awful things I never knew she was capable of saying.”    

   John gasps, Karen’s hand is covering her mouth, her eyebrows closed in on each other, and Jack is watching us, his eyes flicking from one to the other, sipping his cuppa' intently.    

   “Then I asked Ben what he thought of it.” Megan fills in.    

   “He said cruel things; he thinks we’re too young.” I tell them, their eyes just growing bigger.    

   “I mean, fair enough, we are very young but – “    

   “The way he said it was heartbreaking, and it didn’t sound like he was really my father.” We tell the story together, everyone listening 100%.     

   “So you just walked out?” Questioned John.    

   “Yeah. If we didn’t it would’ve been so much messier that it already was.” I say.    

   “I admire you for that Dyl”.” Says Karen.    

   “Wait until your dad hears about this Meg, he won’t be too chuffed, now will he?” John says to Megan, his face covered in worry.    

   “No, I can’t imagine he will.” She agrees.    

   “And what about living arrangements, if you two have fallen out with Kayleigh and Ben, then perhaps you should stay here for a while until things blow over.” John says to me.    

   “I couldn’t do that.” I reply.    

   “Oh yes you jolly well could! I’m not having you sleeping under a roof you don’t feel welcome under, and you’re round here most of the time anyway.”    

   “I don’t know what Steve would say though and there are already six – soon to be seven people living here, I might clutter the place up.”    

   “No don’t make excuses son. One more person than 7 isn’t going to change many things, and Karen and Jack are planning to move out soon.” Then he glances over to them and says firmly, “Aren’t you.”     

   “That’s right. Soon the baby will need its own room and it just isn’t ideal. Can’t live with my dad all my life.” Karen confirms.    

   “Are you two really moving out?!” Megan asks sadly.    

   “'Fraid so.” Jack says, with a ring to his voice, as if he can’t wait to get a place of his own.    

   “Sorry sweetie, but it’s just not practical. I imagine we’ll be round here a lot though, with Jack’s work.”     

   “Fair point.” She accepts.    

   “So, I think it’s settled that you’re camping here for a bit then?” John tries to finalize.    

   “Well then, how could I possibly say no?” I say.    

   “That’s the spirit!”    

   “What’s the spirit?” Asks Honey as she walks into the room in her overalls.     

   “Dylan’s moving in for a while.” John tells her.    

   “Oh right. And how long would a while be?”     

   “Well-“He starts.    

   “A few weeks at the most.” I say.    

   “And when do you intend to tell Steve?” She asks. I can tell she is just as worried about what he will say as I am.    

   “Look, I asked him to move in with us, and he shall stay as long as is needed. Steve can like it or lump it, it’s what’s best for his grandchild.” John says sternly. Honey walks up to him and kisses his forehead.    

   “Right, what does everyone want for their lunch then?” She asks.  

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