Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


10. Sickness


You know sometimes, when you think you’ve found the one, and then they slip right out of your hands? And how it leaves you with such a searing pain, burning a hole in your chest and making you choke, wanting to go on screaming forever? I feel like that right now, and I don’t know why. I don’t know what I’m doing, but whatever it is I am doing is all wrong. I know that I should’ve been everything that my mother ever wanted, so that she would never have wanted another child. I should have been the perfect daughter. But I never was. I was a pain. And the whole thing with Dylan got to her. She didn’t want me to make the same mistakes as her, just like any mother really. I've seen her a lot lately, in my dreams. Not everyone can see things like I do and I never did in the past, but just very recently images have flooded through my mind.      


Megan’s not been very well recently. She’s been sick a lot, and I’m really worried about her. She’s been sleeping at mine for a while now, just under 2 weeks. We go round to hers a lot to work and see the family. Her father’s even given me a job! Life is so amazing at the moment, obviously apart from Megan being ill, but I’m sure that she will get better soon.       

   “Come on Megan; let me take you to the doctors.” Honey says, sitting on the couch next to her and rubbing her back soothingly. She nods her head and sits up, looking weak and ran down. I pick up the television remote and turn off the TV, and then stand out of the armchair and help her up.     

   “Dylan, you can drive us there.” She instructs.    

   Once we’re in the car and buckled up, I rev up the engine and set off to the doctors. It’s only three quarters of a mile away. I wind down the windows to ensure Megan has enough oxygen and fresh air. She’s sat in her pyjamas, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders and a bowl on her knee. It reminds me of when we had tummy upsets when we were five. We used to lie in bed, a sick bowl either side, with cold wet flannels on our heads.     

   Climbing out of the car heading toward a harsh brick building, Honey walks Megan into the Doctors whilst I wait in the car. I watch them from my parking space in the rear-view mirror, and worry to myself, my fingers absent-mindedly crossed.      

   “They have taken a blood test, we should get the results next week, and in the mean time they’ve given a prescription to some tablets.” Honey says busily as she fidgets herself into a comfortable position in the back of the car.     

   “Well that’s good.” I let myself break into a reassuring smile, but inside my worry is still over-ridden.     “We’re getting there!”She exclaims with a light-hearted chuckle.    

   “We sure are!” I agree with her, as Megan slowly crawls into the passenger seat, looking very washed out.    

   “Come on baby, get your seat belt on and we’ll get you home.” The words are almost silent, yet she hears them reaching her and consequently, she does as I say.     

   It’s a cold and cloudy day today, very gloomy, like one of those days you want to sit in the kitchen with a mug of hot chocolate, staring out the window and counting the droplets of rain that fall on it. So, as I pull the truck into the drive, I decide that’s what we’ll do – it would make anybody feel better.      

   I open my car door and am greeted by Steve and Jack. Steve opens Megan’s car door and helps her out, Jack grabs her sick bowl and Steve is props her up over his arm. They turn to me.     

   “So, what’s up with her?” Steve asks, with such an expression spread across his face that I don’t know if he hates me or if he’s just extremely worried about Megan.     

   “She’s... well, we don’t really know yet...” I start.    

   “What do you mean?” Jack questions.    

   “They’ve given her a prescription for some tablets that I’m going to pick up in a minute, and they have taken a blood sample to be tested.” I tell them all I know  with warmth in my throat.    

   “Well what did they say? Does it look okay? Nothing serious, right?” Steve questions, all the words spilling out of his mouth in a big jumbled rush.     

   “I didn’t go in with them... I just sat in the car so I wouldn’t know...” My voice comes slow and unsure.    

   “They said it doesn’t look like a virus or anything, probably just a little bug that will go in a couple of days of rest and taking the prescribed tablets, she’s going to be fine Steve.” Honey tells him calmly.    

   “Right, okay. Come on then sweetheart, let’s get you in.” Steve says.     

   They begin to walk up to the house, Honey by their side, and just before they go inside, I shout, “I’m going to the supermarket to pick up the tablets!” I don’t get a reply but I know they heard me because Steve raises his free arm and gives it a quick wave without turning round. I turn round and get back in the car, rev up the engine once again, and pull out of the drive way.     

   “Yes sir? How may I help you?” says the woman behind the chemist counter. Her eyes are big behind a set of thickly framed glasses, the colour of autumn, and her hair is aging, grey.     

   “My fiancée has been prescribed these tablets?” I state.    

   “Okay,” her voice pauses as I hand her the prescription, and she bumbles around the back of a tall stocked shelf. Minutes later she bumbles back round and hands them to me, “That will be £4.99 then please.” I hand her the money.    

   “Bye!” I shout behind me. Then I rush back to the car and set off back to Megan’s.      

   As I open the door, I can hear muttering coming from the kitchen, angry harsh muttering, mean and cold, and then, through the hall way, I can hear Megan being sick. I run into the kitchen with urgency, freezing Karen and Jack’s bickering. Chucking the tablets on the table, I run into the downstairs loo, the door already open. Megan is sat against the wall, shivering with tears streaming down her face.     

   “Why are you on your own?” I ask her, whilst squeezing down next to her to put my arm round her small shoulders. She just shrugs and looks down. “Oh Megan.” Then, she sits up quickly, and throws up into the toilet bowl. “I’ll go get your tablets.” I fetch them out of the kitchen for her, Jack and Karen still arguing, but this time they don’t pause when I walk through the door. I get a glass and run the tap, then fill it up with water. I catch a glimpse of what they are saying.     

   “But now she is going to be terrified and devastated and she’ll be questioning herself.” Karen whispers.     

   “For the last time, it was just a thought!” Jack hisses back.    

   “Well it’s a thought you should’ve kept to yourself!”     

   “I didn’t though did I?”    

   “And why would you even think that?!”     

   I don’t hear anything else after that, instead I walk out the room and give Megan the water and the tablet. She slowly gets them down her and we sit there, in her downstairs bathroom, cuddled up underneath the corner sink. Every now and then she would be sick, but other than that, I sit leaning against the wall, her head on my knees, my arms round her. We sit there all day, no talking, just breathing, muffled crying and silent I love you’s.  


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