Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


32. Lucy


Today is the 14th of July. This morning at half past 4, a baby was born. A beautiful baby girl. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. She’s 7 pounds 3, and very cute. It’s my little girl. Its Megan’s too. We have named her Lucy, after Megan’s mum. I couldn’t be happier. I have my 3 girls, the 3 girls that I will live for, for the rest of my life. I watch my 2 daughters bonding, both two beautiful accidents that I could never regret, and will love more each day. I’ve lived my own love story.  


I lived my own love story.   Go out, and live yours.  


We walk out of the hospital together, as a family. Everyone is here with us, supporting us and giving us their best wishes. My parents are here, and Megan’s dad, and Megan’s grandparents, and Karen and Jack, and even my auntie and uncle, and my cousins, and Rylie and Charlotte, and of course Daisy, and my dad’s dad, and my mum’s parents, and Steve’s parents. It’s mad, but it feels so warm, and I feel in the middle of a massive family, where everybody loves me, and I love them.    

   Megan is carrying Lucy, and I’m holding hands with Daisy beside the fact that she’s 11, and a sudden thought flashes into my head; not many other 28 year old men can say they have two stunning daughters and a beautiful girlfriend. Then another though fills me up, turning it into an urge; I don’t want Megan to be my girlfriend anymore. I’m sick and tired of it.    

   I want her to be my wife.    

   I open the car door and Daisy climbs in, fastening her seatbelt. Megan straps Lucy into the car seat, and our family applauds. It makes me laugh, because we’re such goof balls.    

   “I love you.” Megan tells me before she gets into the car. I kiss her, and the crowd behind us cheer again in a sudden uproar, followed by awws and isn’t that sweets.    

   “I love you too.”  

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