Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


19. Late on


“Dylan?” I hear a yell from the bathroom.    


   “Please will you come and help me out of the bath?” Megan shouts. She’s finding it very hard to move around now, as she’s 35 weeks pregnant, and everyone’s nervous around her all the time.    

   “Sure, be right there.” I walk into our little bathroom. There’s a lamp plugged into the corner because the light doesn’t work, and there is no tiling on the walls. We moved into a tiny two-bed house just a few weeks ago. It isn’t practical, especially when Megs is so uncomfortable, but it’s the most we can afford right now. It’s in the centre of the Iron Estate; however, it doesn’t seem as nice as old home. I miss it a lot, and feel very lonely most of the time, because it was always so busy back then. We go home to visit nearly every day, and just come here to sleep.    

   I pick up a towel from the radiator and lift Megan, whilst wrapping the towel round her.     

   “Thanks.” She puffs.    

   Georgina, our mid-wife, said that the baby’s head is in the right position for labour, and she’s conscious that it may come slightly premature. The other day I built a crib and painted the little box room yellow. Honey made some curtains for us with rabbits on, and Steve and Jack put in a new oak-finish laminate floor. We want our baby to be so happy. Everyone is doing something for the arrival. In Karen’s spare time she has made the baby a white blanket from wool, it’s gorgeous, and my parents have brought round my old chest of drawers, which just fit in there. Of course, we also have all the gifts from people that we received at Megan’s birthday party/baby shower. There is a mobile above the bed with planets and ducks hanging from it (what they have to do with each other, god knows), a pram that also turns into a pushchair, and a lot of clothes, such as baby vests and onesies.     

   “Dylan?” Megan yells from the bedroom. I walk in and see her struggling with the pillows.    

   “Come here.” I fluff up two pillows for her and put them against the head board for her to lean against. She can’t sleep flat on her back because it makes her feel sick.     

   She kisses me and then closes her eyes. She doesn’t go to school anymore; she’s on “maternity leave”, so naps a lot in the day because the baby wakes her up during the night.     

   I’m working, which is good. I currently have three jobs! I still work for Steve, although lately most of the work has been concentrating on our new house and making it ready for the baby. Then there’s a pub at the end of my street which I work in at the weekend for 3hours per day, and then I work at the mini golf booth just two nights a week until seven. This makes it hard for me study and to focus on my exam’s, plus spend time with Megan, but I’m managing.     

   I’m not going into school today because all but one period are frees, so I don’t see the point and want to do extra work for Steve. He said that for now, every hour I do he will pay me 50% more than usual. John did that for him when he was younger, and at the minute the business is doing really well so he can afford it. Him and Honey have been talking about setting up an actually shop to sell the produce instead of just doing it online, to broaden the connections with the locals. Also, once the baby is born, it shall provide Megan with a job. Karen will work there, and I expect I shall help with the merchandise.     

   Megan has been spending quite a lot of time with her horse, and misses riding it so much, to be honest, I think the whole family will be glad when this part of our lives is over and there is a new baby welcomed.    

   The bus pulls up to the small crowd gathered beside the bus stop. I pay my fare and climb on board. I’m trying to save petrol.  


“Megan?” I shout as I walk through the door and put my keys on the dining table.    

   “I’m upstairs.” She calls.    

   I jog upstairs to say hello. She beams at me.    

   “Do you fancy going for a drive?” I ask her.    

   “For god’s sake Dylan! We need to save our money, we can’t just “go for a drive”.” She throws a pillow at me; she’s making the bed.    

   “Oh come on Megs. Let your hair down for once!” I throw the pillow back to her and straighten out my side of the quilts.     

   “For once? I can’t afford to let my hair down. Just grow up will you?” She chucks the pillow on the floor in distaste.    

   “Now don’t go all boring on me. Let’s just go and have some fun.”    

   “If you don’t like boring then I suggest you go by yourself and take your time whilst your doing it, because my life is boring. That’s what happens Dyl.” She says harshly as she puffs up a cushion.     

   “No it doesn’t! Not if you don’t make it that way. Just give me a chance.”    

   “I’m too tired for chances Dylan.”    

   “This will wake you up.”    

   “Don’t you get it?” She yells.    

   “Well clearly not!” I shout back.    

   “I don’t want to go on a stupid “drive”. I just want to curl up and go to sleep, but I can’t even to that because I have a human inside of me preventing me from ever being comfortable.”    

   “Please Megan.”    


   “Come on! For god’s sake, stop being so miserable.”    

   “I’m sure you’d feel the same if you couldn’t move.”     

   “This will do you good. I know it.”    

   “You think it’ll do me good? Fine. Come on then, show me.” She storms out the house. I presume she’s sat sulking in the car.     

   I pick up the blanket she slung across the room earlier, all four pillows and some snacks, before joining her in the car.    

   “This better be worth it.” She grumbles. I smile to myself.   

   I lead her into the stables.    

   “Get on then.” I urge her.    

   “Are you serious? I can’t ride a horse! I’m pregnant.”    

   “Come on Megan.”    

   “This was a stupid idea, take me home.” She stands with her arms crossed, and through my eyes she reminds me of her stubborn four-year-old self.    

   I pick her up and put her on her horse, with both her legs over one side. She squeals but doesn’t resist.     

   “You’re mad.” She says, but I can see a small smile playing round her mouth.    

   I grab the reigns and walk her out the stable and through the back gate towards the hills and the wonderful countryside.     

   Just like every other time I’ve gone back here, the sky is beautiful, even though it’s only January. I grab the blanket from the bundle resting on the back of Megan’s horse, and wrap it round her shoulders, then continue to guide her along the fields.     

   I hear a small gasp and then a laugh coming from her as we approach our blossom-less tree stood lonely in front of the sunset.     

   “A drive, ay?” She smiles.    

   “I told you it was worth it.”    

   “Alright, don’t get cocky.” She laughs, “Now get me down.” I ease her down from Peace and let him free in the field. We know he won’t go far.    

   She walks up to the tree and traces our engraved wish: D + M 4EVA. Then she draws round the heart. I walk up to her and put my arms around her, holding her. We stand together for a few minutes, looking at our pledge to each other that we made so long ago. She turns round then, and kisses me.     

   “Megan.” I whisper.    

   “Hmm?” She sounds, her eyes still closed from our embrace.    

   “Megan. Look me in the eyes.” She opens her eyes and almost stops breathing. I wish I could get closer to her but her bump gets in the way. I hold her face in my hands, which look so big beside her.    

   “Megan. Every breath we take, is an experience, but every breath I take beside you is a dream come true.”     

   A tear falls from her left eye. I wipe it from her soft cheek with the tip of my thumb.    

   “Oh Dyl.” She rests her forehead against mine.    


   “I am so crazily and madly in love with you.” I kiss her gently.    “I am though, Dyl. And, truth is, I... I feel completely... indescribably not real. Like... I’m watching somebody else’s dream, or I’m just a five year old playing dress up.”    

   “That’s the beauty of it.” She kisses me again.    

   “And the beauty of you, is that you are so close to perfect.” She starts singing, “You’re the closest thing to crazy, I have ever been.”    I laugh at her.    

   “How can you still be cute even when you get the words wrong?” I mumble, as we kiss once more.     

   She laughs, and I catch the smell of her breath, but I like it.     

   “How long has it been since you brushed your teeth?” I joke.    

   “I could ask you the same thing.” We talk like this for a while, saying silly little things to each other and laughing at every word said, with our heads still pressed together.     

   Eventually, I grab the pillows and the snacks, so we can snuggle up beneath the tree and look at the stars. My estimations tell me its half past seven, but I’m not sure. I left my phone in the car.     

   “Dyl?” Megan whispers once we’re settled down.    

   “Yeah?” I whisper back, into her ear so that my breath tickles her.    

   “Thank you.” I don’t reply to this, but instead just smile to myself.     

   About ten minutes later, Megan is breathing deeply and I know she’s sleeping. I put my hand on her baby bump and close my eyes tight, knowing that my future is in my hands.  


I jump awake and plunge head-first into darkness.    

   “Dylan?” Megan’s voice sounds panicked.    

   “Yeah?” I croak.     


   I sit up. “It’s okay, I’m here.” I feel for her and then wrap my arms round her cold body.    

   She breathes heavy and then says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know where I was.”    I grunt and we snuggle back down.  


“Dylan, wake up.” I hear, followed by a cold hand tapping against my arm. I groan and roll over, then realise I’m in pain. I sit up and remember where I am, and that the pain was just that my head had banged against the frosty grass. I shiver and then turn my head to see Megan with a displeased expression on her face.     

   “Oh god.” I grumble, “What time is it?”    

   “Twenty-to-seven.” Megan says.    

   “Oh.” And that’s all that is said. I stand up and collect the Milky Way wrappers lying on the ground. Diamond is grazing on the grass a few meters away.     

   Megan climbs onto her horse and we set off back to her old place.     

   “Thank you for last night.” She says. I’m glad we’re speaking because the walk back to the farm takes about half an hour.     

   “No, thank you.” I say, smiling up at her. She smiles back, but only faintly; she didn’t get much sleep last night.     

   “It was nice.”     

   “I told you it would be.” She laughs at this comment.    

   “I’ve been waiting for that I told you so.” She grins. I pull a silly face at her.    

   “I’m just glad you gave it a chance.”    

   “To be honest, the only reason I did was because I couldn’t be bothered to fall out.”    

   “Charming.” I laugh. “So you didn’t sleep much last night?”    

   “More like not at all. I woke up a lot and once or twice forgot where I was.”    

   “I hate that.”    


   “I know! You woke me up at half bloody one this morning in a cold sweat!” I tap her leg with the bag of my hand playfully.    

   “Hey!” She laughs, and tries to swat me back, but I duck.     

   “How’s baby?”     

   “Quite calm now, but last night it was doing my head in.” She rubs her bump fondly.    

   “If I could, I’d have the baby for you.”    

   “Yeah right!” She laughs, but I’m quite offended by this.    

   “Honestly! I hate seeing you miserable.”     

   “Aww, I’m not, I’m just a bit fed up and wish this thing would get out of me.”    

   “I get you.” I say.    

   “You’ve got me.” She teases.    

   “So, when we’re twenty, you’ll let me propose to you?”    

   “Yes. Maybe.”    

   “And you’ll say yes?”    

   “Ahh, you see, I can’t tell you that!”    

   “Oh come on Megs, don’t play games.”    

   “I’m not! Honest sir!” She giggles.    

   “You are. I mean it Megan; I want you to marry me.” I can feel my expression grow cold.    

   “Oh lardy dar!” She sings.    

   We then walk in silence the rest of the way, and I’m feeling disappointed and doubtful.   


“Right, have you got your keys love?” Honey asks me.    

   “Yep, they’re right here.” I tap my trouser pocket.    

   “Okay then. Are you sure you wouldn’t like some pies to take with you? We have plenty.”     

   “No, we’re fine thank you; I’m making a casserole in the slow cooker for tea.” Megan says.    

   “Okay then. You two take care.”    

   “Look after her, you hear me Dyl?” Megan’s dad says as he pats me on the back.    

   “Sure, I will.”     

   “Bye guys!” Karen calls, “No, Rylie put that down!”     

   “Bye Karen, tatah, baby Rylie!” Megan coos.    

   “See ya!” And then we get into the car. Pulling out of the drive, Megan and I wave as everyone waves us off.  

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