Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


30. It's getting old


“Oh for god’s sake just get out my face.” Megan says sharply.    

   “Just lash out on me Megan, its fine.” I say back bitterly.    

   “Like you don’t lash out at me?”    

   “When have I ever done that?”    

   “I shouldn’t have to remind you. I’m going out later and you can’t stop me.” She pulls on a tight fitting dress that ends high above her knee. It’s red, and low cut.    

   “You always go out and never take responsibility for Daisy.” I yell, “The last time I went out was 6 months ago.”    

   “Oh you poor thing, I’m sorry I have a social life.”     

   “No wonder, going out dressed like that.” I gesture to her dress by throwing my hand in the air violently.    

   “Like what?” She looks down at herself as if she’s dressed like a nun.    

   “You know like what. I bet you’re going to see that bloke from the publishers.” I throw at her, even though I don’t really believe it.    

   “So what if I was? At least he treats me with respect.” My ears burn because I know respect is the last thing on that man’s mind. I regret trusting her and believing she wouldn’t go behind my back.    

   “Respect is not the word for it.”    

   “Come on then, what is the word?”     

   “Well, I could think of many, seeing as you’re dressed like a slut.”    

   “Excuse me?” She yells, and throws her shoe at me, but I dodge it.    

   “You can’t seriously be going out like that.” I say quietly.    

   “Watch me.” She marches out of our room, down the stairs, and then I hear the front door slam shut.    

   “Dad.” A yell from downstairs.    

   “Yes darling.” I flatten down my hair and jog down the stairs. Daisy’s sat at the breakfast bar doing homework.    

   “Where’s mum gone?” She asks.    

   “I don’t know, just out.” I say it shortly, because I’m so angry with Megan.    

   “Why have you fallen out?”    

   “We haven’t, she’s just being awkward.”    

   “Come on Dad, I’m 11, I’m not thick.”     

   “It’s complicated.”     

   “I can keep up.”    

   “It’s nothing to do with you Daisy.” I shout, turning round to face her. She goes quiet and starts writing something down on some paper.    

   “I’m sorry for shouting.” I say, and take a seat next to her, “I’m just stressed out.”    

   “Well there’s no need to take it out on me.” She stands up, brushes down her dress and then struts into the hall. After a minute or so, I hear the front door open. I run to the hall.    

   “Where do you think you’re going?” I shout after her.    

   “I promised I’d meet Imogen at 6.” And then she runs out into the street. I shut the door and go head for the whiskey, but promise myself I’ll only drink a thimble full.  

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