Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


33. Her mistake


It’s a gorgeous Saturday, with the sun high in the sky. The August air fills the park with people from all over the village, families, couples, and people walking their dogs. Groups of teenagers sit in the shadows cast by large oak trees, laughing together and telling secrets. The play area is full of children climbing and swinging, laughing and singing “till their heart’s content.     

   “Lucy, come back.” I raise my voice to my darling daughter as she toddles off close to the pond. I run after her, lifting her up and swinging her round in the air. She squeals with delight and chuckles to herself as I walk back to the bench holding her hand, where Megan is sat with the pushchair. She looks so beautifully happy. Her hair is blowing round her shoulders, and her face glows with pride once she sees Lucy and I walking up to her.    

   “Look at my big girl!” Megan coos. I laugh as Lucy falls into her arms and Megan makes whirring noises, making her gurgle with excitement.    

   “Where’s Daisy gone?” I ask.    

   “Oh, she’s gone to sit under that tree with her friends.” I look over in the direction of Megan’s head nod, and have to look twice, because when I walked past them earlier I thought they looked old, and like teenagers.    

   “What’s she hanging round with older kids for?” I ask.    

   “She’s not, they’re all her age.” Megan says freely, sitting Lucy in her pram and handing her an ice lolly that we bought from the corner shop on our way here.    

   “But they’re all teenagers.” I exclaim.    

   “And so is Daisy, she’s 13 now Dylan.” I shake my head in disbelief; she’s grown up so fast, and it hasn’t registered until now. The other day I found her small bra in the wash and asked if it was Megan’s, and she said it was Daisy’s. I was gob smacked.    

   “She’s growing up so fast.” I say, shaking my head again.    

   “That’s what kids do. I just hope she doesn’t do what we did.”     

   “So do I. Although I love my family, but it was just so hard.”    She leans against me, snuggling into me.    

   “We made it together though. Think about all that we’ve been through.”    

   “There have been some rough times, but I always loved you Megs, do you believe that?”    

   “Yes, I do.” She kisses my cheek, “I’m just going to take Lucy on the swings.”    

   “Okay.” She walks off with Lucy in her arms, pulling faces at her whilst she calls her “silly mummy”.    

   Megan’s phone vibrates in her bag which she didn’t take with her. I open it up, expecting it to be from Steve or something, and then I would reply saying sorry, Megs can’t make it to the phone because she’s playing with Lucy.     

   Instead, it’s from Rob, the guy from the publishing agency. It reads, “I can’t wait to see you xx”. My heart drops, and then I feel myself flush, and my palms clam up. I search through the other messages they’ve sent each other, and suddenly I’m fuming. They’re all to do with meeting up, and how last night was “good”.     

   I sit very still, waiting for Megan to return, like a predator waiting to pounce on its prey. I have her now, and I’m not backing down. She’s trapped.    I watch her from a distance, playing softly with our daughter, if it is actually mine. Then the feeling of resentment falls over me, like a cloud, or a shadow.     

   “Are you alright darling?” She asks, walking over to me holding Lucy’s hand.    

   “I was.” I say bitterly. I’m going in for the kill.    

   “Why, what’s wrong?” Her voice sounds like everything other than concern. I laugh like she’s supposed to know, but don’t reply.    “Dylan?” Now she’s worried.     

   “I just thought things were starting to look up.”     

   “So did I, what’s gone wrong?” She sits beside me and puts her hand on my leg, but I turn away, “Oh come on now, don’t be childish.”    

   “You’ve gone wrong Megan.”     

   “What have I done now? Can’t we just talk about this at home?”    

   “Why? Are you scared to show our family up? I think you’ve already done a pretty good job of that.”    

   “Dylan!” She says, her voice surprised.    

   “No. Come on, come out and tell Dylan the truth.” My voice comes out in sharp shards of glass, piercing the pretty scene.    

   “I... I don’t know what I’ve done wrong Dyl, just tell me.” Her voice softens, and I know she wants to resolve this quickly, easily.     

   “Where did you go last night?” I ask, monotone.    

   “Karen’s, why?”    

   “Only, I found texts on your phone from Rob, saying what a good night it was last night.” I turn to face her, my mouth an angry line, my eyes a venomous green. She cowers back, and I know she’s guilty.     

   “Why were you looking through my phone?”     

   “Where did you go last night Megan? Answer carefully.” Anger builds up, more and more, until I feel like I could slap somebody.    

   “I-“ She pauses. I stand up and walk off, furious with her. How could she do this to me? I thought we were on the same side, I thought we were happy together. I thought wrong. We were just playing happy families.     

   I march down the road thinking nasty thoughts about her, until I reach our house, the one she bought when we separated.     

   I feel like the bricks are a lie, that the happy family photos hung on the walls and spread out on surfaces, are all lies.     

   Megan comes flying through the front door, guns blazing.     

   “How the hell do you dare lecture me on cheating?” She yells.    

   “Well you’ve cheated on me, so I dare.” I yell back, knowing this will be a big argument, no easy cuddles to resolve it.    

   “You shouldn’t have been going through my private messages anyway.”    

   “You shouldn’t have any private messages. We are meant to be a couple but according to you, couples can go around and sleep with other people at the same time.”     

   “Don’t you point the finger at me? You and Sophie weren’t angels were you?”    

   “So just because I had an affair in the past which lasted a mere 2 months, it’s fine for you to go sleeping around with a 35 year old for a couple of years, am I right?”     

   “Look Dylan, Rob has always been there for me. He helped me with my depression and I can trust him.” Her voice softens, and she rubs her forehead.    

   “Well why can’t you trust me?” I yell.    

   “I don’t know why I can’t?” She yells back, her voice rising quicker, louder.    

   “I was there for you when you went through depression; I was there 24:7.” I shout.    

   “You treated me like I was some sort of sick child. Rob spoke to me like I was human.” I fall silent, not knowing what to say, “He was good for me.” She says, quiet this time.     

   “It’s nice to know I’m not.”   

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