Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


31. Falling together


I walk through the front door and hear Megan and Karen chatting in the front room. Daisy is playing her music up in her room.    

   “It’s crazy... thought it would never happen... so sudden... scared.”    

   “...be fine... different this time... wouldn’t happen twice... be excited.”    

   “Maybe... move house... surprise... how he’ll... can”t go though... again...”    

   “I’m sure... just as happy... you...” I hear snippets of their conversation.     

   “I’m home.” I shout loudly, making sure they hear me.    

   “Hey, we’re in the front room.” Megan answers. I walk through into the kitchen and put my keys on the worktop, fetch a can of beer from the fridge and then walk into the front room, slacking off my tie.    

   “Hi Karen, how’re you?” I ask, sitting down in the armchair and cracking open the can.    

   “I’m good thanks. I’m going to get off though, I need to pick up Rylie from his friends, and then Charlotte needs her dinner. Jack isn’t coming home till late tonight.”  

   “Okay then darling, thanks for popping round anyway.”    

   “Its fine, it was nice catching up.” The babble on whilst Megan walks her to the front door.     

   Megan joins me in the front room once she’s said her goodbyes.     

   “Dyl, I need to tell you something.” She braces herself.    

   “Fire away.” I say, taking a gulp of beer.    

   “Well, my period was late, and so I did a pregnancy test this morning, and it showed as positive.” She says, the words float from her mouth on renewed energy. She’s healthy now, and a good size. It was a year ago since baby Oliver, and now this hits me.    

   I choke on my beer.    

   “Are you serious?” I squeeze out, smiling.    

   “Deadly.” I walk over to her, leaving my beer can on the carpeted floor, and kiss her.    

   “This is excellent! Are you happy about this? I mean, I am.”    

   “I’m so happy Dyl, I can’t believe it. I’m nervous-"    

   “Don’t be, it would never happen twice.”    

   “You really think?” She grins.    

   “Megan, this is a miracle.” I kiss her again, and we get caught by Daisy.    

   “What’s a miracle?” She walks over to the armchair that earlier I vacated, and sits with her thighs against her chest.    

   “I’m pregnant.” Megan announces. Daisy face drops, before she bursts into a broad smile.    

   “That’s amazing! Yes!” She squeals with delight.    

   “Are you really happy about it?” I ask her.    

   “Yeah!” She laughs, as if it’s a no-brainer, “Of course! I get a little brother or sister!”  

   And to think, just 2 months back Megan and I were constantly arguing. Life is so good at the moment.   


If life wasn’t a rollercoaster, what would it be? Boring and predictable. You just have to cling onto the handle bars and make sure you’re strapped in, because you may fall out going uphill, and you may lose your head going down.  

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