Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


25. Fall back smoothly


I look at my 23 year old hands on the steering wheel of my new Audi I bought last month. It’s white, with cream leather interior. I saved up for a year to get it, now that I’m working as a graduate sales executive outside town. It’s boring but pays well, and has allowed me to live this last year comfortably.     

   I pull up outside Woodward Primary School. I look to the dashboard to see that it’s quarter past five. I’m 5 minutes early.     

   I walk down a path and press a buzzer located on the left hand side of the school’s main entrance door. After a few short seconds, the door clicks open and I pass through. I am stopped abruptly by another door, the exact same. To the right of me is a desk, shielded off by a sheet of glass. A middle-aged woman sat behind the glass smiles at me.    

   “Are you here for the parent’s evening sir?” She asks politely.    

   “Yeah.” I reply.     

   “And which pupil are you here for?” She questions, still with same smile on her face. She fiddles with a pen.    

   “Daisy Alden.” I state. She doesn’t say anything else to me, but the door clicks open and I step into a hall crowded with many other middle-aged men and women. They all seem over-joyed with their children, praising them and cooing over them. I make my way to the side of the room where a row of little plastic chairs has been lined up, and I wait for Megan and Daisy to get here.      

   Daisy’s had dance class, so that’s why we’ve come later, and after a few minutes of waiting, she skips through the doors in her ballet uniform. When she spots me, she runs up to me and hugs me tightly.     

   “Hello monkey.” I tickle her and she giggles softly into my ear. Her hair is slicked back into a bun, but a wispy stand has escaped and is playing on her forehead.    

   “Hi.” Megan says as she walks up to me. She’s smiling. Her hair is platted down one side and hangs over her shoulder, finishing just above her waste. She’s wearing white strappy heels and a red cross over dress, making her look sophisticated yet summery.     

   “Hello, you look nice.” I say, standing up and flattening my hair with my finger tips. She laughs and rolls her eyes.     

   “Come on then, let’s go and see Mrs. Davis.” Megan stretches out her hand and Daisy grabs it. I walk behind them, watching my girls go. I wish Megan was still mine.     

   The classroom smells of paint and disinfectant. I sit down on a small plastic chair like the ones in the hall, and so do Megan and Daisy.     Mrs. Davis has little grey eyes framed by some ugly looking glasses, and her skin is old and pale. Her fashion sense is appalling; she has some green trousers on, a blue top with beading round the neckline, and a yellow knitted shrug held together with a giant pin. She has trainers on her feet and her hair is in a sad greying perm on the top of her head, doing nothing.    

   “Well, Daisy is one of my star students.” Mrs. Davis begins, her voice is raspy and frayed. I smile to myself, so proud of my little girl, “She finds all the work easy and gets on straight away the first time I ask her. She always helps others after she’s completed her own work, but she isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it, are you my love?” She smiles towards her.    

   “Yes, she’s always been good like that.” Megan beams.    

   “Her counting is excellent, and she knows her 2, 3 and 10 times tables. Her literacy is beyond brilliant, and she’s such a polite little girl.” She says things in lists.    

   “Yes, well, Megan is a writer herself, and we have always encouraged number skills into our home life, such as how many eggs need cooking for breakfast and so on.” I say, contributing to the meeting.    

   “Your parenting skills really show, as she is as bright as a button. To be honest there isn’t really much more I can say. She has a lovely bunch of friends, is always well presented and always punctual.”    

   “Thank you so much.” Megan says, standing up.    

   “Yeah, thanks a lot.” I say, trying to sound as sincere.     

   “It’s my pleasure.” Mrs. Davis stands to, and I realise she’s quite small.    

   We walk out of the classroom and I high five Daisy.     

   “Well done kiddo! You’re amazing.” I say, lifting her up and making her fly round like a rocket. When I put her down on the floor, Megan falls to a crouch and kisses Daisy’s face all over.     

   “You’re my little super star, aren’t you? Well done darling.” We walk together, as a family, all holding hands, with Daisy skipping in the middle.    

   All three of us stand in the car park smiling and shivering.     

   “Would you like to go out for dinner as a special treat?” Megan asks Daisy.    

   “Yes, yes, yes please!” She says, jumping up and down enthusiastically.    

   “Would dad like to come too?” Megan points this in my direction. I smile, because I’m happy.    

   “Dad, will you come?” My daughter begs, clinging on to my hand.    

   “Oh, I don’t know-“ I say.    

   “Oh please Dad! Please, please pretty please.” She tugs harder on my arm. I look up towards Megan, and she gives me a reassuring nod.    

   “Well okay then. But only if you give me a big sloppy kiss first.” I distort my voice into something like a growl, and tickle her and kiss her face. She laughs underneath my grip.    

   “Where’re we going?” I ask.    

   “Please can we go to Paulo’s Pizza Place?” Daisy sings.    

   “Of course.” Megan answers.     

   “Right, I shall meet you there.” Before turning away, I mouth “Thank you” to Megan, and her smile broadens. I know she knows how much I appreciate this.  

   “Come on then little miss hyper.” Megan says, laughing at our daughter who’s skipping into the late night air, full on laughter, pizza and coca cola.     

   “Thank you so much Megan.” I hug my ex-girlfriend, the first time we’ve properly touched in years, and it sends electric through me. I look into her eyes and see she felt it too.    

   “No, thank you Dylan.” She says in return, and pulses my hand as she’s about to walk off.    

   I watch them for a minute, Daisy getting into her car seat and fastening up her own seat belt, Megan checking she did it properly. How has she turned 7 so quickly? Megan pauses before getting into the car.     

   “Megan.” I shout after her, right before she opens the door.    

   “Yes?” She waits for me, not moving.    

   “Wait up.” I say, jogging towards her. We stand together. I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say to her, which happens a lot these days, because I seem to lose my mind when I’m with her. She smiles at me.    

   “I know.” She says, grabbing my hand.    

   “But you don’t.” I reply.    

   “Don’t I?” She leans into me, and kisses my cheek softly. I step backwards, stunned silent. She pauses again, before slowly opening her car door.    

   “Don’t go.” I blurt out. Then I step towards her, and put my hand on the back of her neck, whilst with my other hand my fingers trace around her lips.     

   Then I kiss her.  

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