Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


39. Epilogue


Dylan broke down after Megan’s death. She was all he wanted, and realised too late. The dream he had of their lives haunted him forever, knowing that’s all he wanted.    

   Her death made him live life to the full. He graduated high school and university, becoming an architect. He went on many dates, and met his wife – Beth - when he was 26.     

   They married 2 years later, and had 3 children. The first child was a boy, who he named Ethan. Their second child was also a boy, who they named Travis, and lastly, they had a baby girl, who they named Megan.    

   Together they grew old. He loved Beth, but he knew he’d never love her the way he loved Megan. However, he never had the chance to hold Megan in that way, or kiss her, and he didn’t know what that would be like, other than his dream version.    

   All 3 children grew up well, and all married. Both Beth and Dylan had grandchildren, and died happy. He didn’t think about her every day, nor every month, but every year, he’d sit up all day on the 3rd of October, and remember his childhood friend, and the love of his life. First, he used to cry his eyes out. Then as he got into his 20’s, he almost drank himself to death.    

   After meeting Beth, they used to go on long walks together on that day, or go on a day trip with the kids.    

   Beth brought out the best in him, and understood how he felt. She didn’t mind that he loved her, because she knew that even if she did mind it wouldn’t change anything, and their marriage was a happy one.     

   Dylan told his children stories about the days Megan and him spent together as a child, elaborating them, but never told them she was real. He simply said she was his imaginary friend.     

   He also told them stories from his dream which brought him to realise his feelings for Megan, but they were mainly about the children.     He taught his children to walk, and say words they struggled to say, and then he taught them how to ride a bike without stabilizes. He held their hands on their first days of school, and polished their little black shoes when they got home from a tough day of playing. When their friends were mean to them, he held them in his arms, and then tickled them until they were in fits of laughter. They never had to worry about anything, because Dylan sorted everything out and made sure that they were so happy. He made sure that he knew every single one of their friend’s names, and made them feel at home when they came to stay at their first sleepover. He never embarrassed them, and stayed in the background whenever they wanted, because they were his future. He let them choose what they wanted for dinner, and they helped him in the garden. Megan’s dancing skills were sky high, because he took her dancing every weekend since her third birthday, and as for Ethan and Travis, they never missed a match of football. When they turned into teens, he understood them as best as possible, and was cool when they went on dates. If anyone broke their hearts, he broke theirs. On Megan’s wedding day, he walked her down the aisle with tears in his eyes, and kissed her on the cheek before giving her away to the man that was worthy. He was the best man for both his son’s weddings, and gave the perfect speech. He was an excellent father, and knew that Megan would be so proud of him.    

   He lived his life after Megan, but lived it in her memory, and every day, he knew he was only him because of his past, and his story.   

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