Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


27. Another


“Megan, I’ve been thinking a lot lately.” I say as I make breakfast. Megan is sat with a mug of coffee and the newspaper that was posted this morning.    “Well that’s never a good sign.” She jokes.    “Oh ha ha.” I smile at her, and flick water over her with my fingers.     “Oy! Anyway, you were thinking...”    “Well, we’re both 25, we’re adults now, and we have experience, and you know, Daisy’s 9 now, so I just thought it would be, you know, just something we’d do because-“    “Dylan, darling,” She cuts me up, “Spit it out.”    “I think we should try for another baby.” I say matter of factly. She coughs on her coffee.    “Sorry, what?” She says laughing.    “If it’s too soon for you that’s fine, I’ve just been thinking recently and though it was a good idea.” I say with my back to her whilst I pink the fried eggs. I don’t hear a reply, and am about to say something when I feel her arms around my torso, and hear her whisper into my ear.    “It’s more than just a good idea.”     “What?” I stutter, watching her walk out of the kitchen in her dressing gown and slippers. She winks at me as she walks into the downstairs toilet.    By the time Megan comes back, the breakfast is sat waiting for her at the breakfast bar.     “Daisy, breakfast’s ready.” Megan yells up.     “You’re sure about this?” I ask her quietly, pouring out 3 glasses of orange juice.    “Very.” She says point blank, before Daisy hurtles into the kitchen and takes her seat.    “Did you have a good sleep D?” I ask Daisy.    “Yes thank you.” She smiles. She’s wearing her favourite pyjamas; they have flowers on them.     “Have you got any homework?” Megan asks her.    “Yeah, I have spellings to do, and reading.” She says mid-mouthful.    “Don’t talk with your mouth full please Daisy.” I say, but I say it softly.    “Mum was talking to me!” She insists, laughing.    “Naughty mum.” I say, tapping Megan’s elbow. Megan laughs at this family banter that we all secretly love.    “Dad can help you with that later then.” Megan says winking at me.     “Okay.” She says, “Have we got any brown sauce?”    “Yeah, it’s in the fridge if you want to get it.” I reply. She gets up and fetches the brown sauce, then returns with the bottle, splashing it over her bacon sandwich.     “Daisy, what would you think of having a little brother or sister?” Megan asks. The air tenses and my palms clam up, making me drop my fork.    “I’d love it!” She exclaims, and suddenly goes off her food, “can we get one?” Megan and I laugh together.    “We hope so.” I smile at Megan, and she smiles back.     “Can I have a sister?” I know we won’t hear the back of it now until we have a baby in our arms.     “It all depends on what the stalk brings us doesn’t it?” Megan says, “Now come on, eat the rest of your breakfast.”    “I’m not hungry.” She wines.    “Come on, eat it up. Your dad spent all morning making that for you.” She waves her knife around in the air. Daisy moans but does as she’s told.   “So, can we get a dog and a baby?” Daisy asks.    We laugh at her.    “We’ll see.” I say, ruffling up her hair. She runs over to the swings and hops on one, leaving Megan and I some time to chat.    “Are you sure about this baby thing Megs? I mean, I thought we’d have to think about it for a while first.”    “Who needs to think? It’s what old people do.” She looks away. I can tell there’s something she’s not telling me.    “Megan, come on, talk to me about this.” I say.    “Look. The last time I got pregnant was nine years ago, which is a long time ago. Back then, we weren’t worried about me getting pregnant. We weren’t worried about anything, so maybe, if we start to worry and get all worked up about it then we don’t be able to get pregnant. That’s what happened to Olivia.”    “Well you aren’t Olivia, and neither am I.” I joke. She slaps my leg. I pretend to be hurt and we both burst out laughing.    “What I meant was, Olivia is two years older than you and has never had a baby before. We have a baby and we’re young. We don’t have that sort of urgent need to breed, and trust me, if I did it once, I know I can do it again.” We fall about laughing again.    “If you’re sure, then I’m sure.” She kisses me, “I love you so much.”    “And I love you!” I say, prodding her nose. Again, more laughing.   “Get in bed Daisy, please.” Megan begs again.     “I’m not tired though.” She persists, her voice wining over every word.    “Come on, you’ve had a busy day and its 9 “o” clock; far too late for little girls.”    “But Harriet stays up until this time.”     “I don’t care, you’re not Harriet.”    “But please mum.”     “But no Daisy. Now would you like me to get your dad to come in here and smack your naughty bottom?” Her voice presses firmer and firmer.    “No.” I don’t hear anymore arguing.     “Right. Good night my angel, sweet dreams. Dad’s coming to say good night in a minute.” I pop my head round the door, “Oh, here he is.” Megan steps away from Daisy’s bed as I walk in and kiss Daisy on her head.    “Good night my little princess.” We walk out of her room, turning the light as we go.    Megan silently high-fives me.    “We’re the coolest parents ever.” I say to her as we walk into our room.    “You’re the sexiest parent ever.” She whispers. Uh-oh, I know what she’s thinking.    “Are we... going there?” I ask.    “We are.”  
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