Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


18. A school day


The room is filled with light. The curtains never got drawn before we slept, or before we made love. My feet are warm and sticky under the covers, but my hands lying on top of the duvet are ice cold. As I look beyond the window, I see dark fog. Snow has been in the weather forecast. Megan’s bump seems quite small compared to pictures that we’ve seen of other women who are 6 months pregnant, and from the memory of what Karen was like. When we went to see our midwife last week she said it was normal, because Megan was small and only young herself. She also said that now she is 23 weeks along, the baby will begin to grow much faster. Megan’s getting all worried about stretch marks, and is losing sleep because she keeps thinking about the pain of the labour. It takes a while for her to wake up though, unless the baby kicks so hard that it wakes her up.     

   It’s Wednesday, and we have school. I’m so glad it’s nearly Friday, because even though most of the grief has stopped being dealt, we still feel embarrassed and have teachers asking how we’re going all the time. Everyone wants to know all of our business and ask if we live together, things like that.     

   Megan’s party was brilliant – she loved it and was so shocked. Lots of people came with presents, and some of the presents were cute things for the baby, like dummies or baby vest sets. That made her fill up. My parents went, and we all made our peace. They agreed to stand by our side as it’s what we want.     

   I glance at the alarm clock. It’s November the 17th, a cold day. Only 2 degrees apparently. It’s half past six. I’d better get up.    “Megs.” I say quietly into her ear. She doesn’t move.    

   “Come on Megan, wakey wakey.”I nudge her with my freezing hand, which startles her. She tries to brush my hand off her arm and pull the covers up around her, so I know what I have to do. I tickle her and kiss her all over, until she laughs herself awake. She opens her eyes smiling brightly.     


   “Sadly.” I groan.    

   “Sleep well?”     

   “Promise you’ll never ask me that again? Otherwise we’ll turn into a boring old couple in their mid-thirties.”    

   She laughs at me. We get up, and after breakfast, make our way to school in my car. As we pull up into a parking space, Megan grabs my hand.     

   “What’s wrong honey?” I ask.    

   “People are looking.” She says, looking out the windows with a nervous expression.    

   “Don’t worry. Just smile at them.” I tell her.    

   “This is too hard Dyl.”She squeezes my hand tighter.    

   “It’s whatever you make it out to be. Smile at them and show that you couldn’t be happier, or stop in here all day.” I get out of the car and wait for her to follow. This annoys me, and she does it all the time. We have the same conversation day in, day out, and all I can do is repeat what was said yesterday. It’s hard on her, but it’s what she needs. She needs to be shown that everything’s okay.     

   She slowly gets out the car, lugging her bag onto her shoulder and wrapping her cardigan tighter round her stomach. She walks round the car to meet me and we walk through the school gates hand-in-hand. She smiles at me shyly every so often as we walk. Now, we have to split up and go to different parts of the school. I hold her in my arms and kiss her.     

   “You’ll be fine.” I tell her.    

   She smiles at me, showing me her beautiful teeth. I lean down and kiss her again. She leans into me and increases the pressure. It feels amazing. Well, until Mr. Davis coughs right beside us. I jolt away from Megan and look at my annoyed form teacher.     

   “Sorry sir.” Megan says. 

   Mr. Davis doesn’t reply to her, but instead says, “Morning Mr. Alden. Come on,” He glances at his watch, “Only 3 minutes until registration.”    Megan kisses my cheek and scuttles off to her tutor room, whilst I walk with Mr. Davis up the tower block.    “So she’s the lucky lady then?” He asks.    

   “Yeah.” That’s all I can manage to say. I really hope he doesn’t go though the safe sex speech and how we are the perfect example of how underage sex can go wrong.    

   “And how are you two? You seem very... close?”    

   “Yeah, we’ve known each other nearly all our lives.”    

   “Oh right. So you’ve always been close then?” He opens a door for me as we reach the top of the staircase.     

   “Thank you. Urm, yes we have. We’ve been best friends since I was three.”    

   “Well I’m glad. Rumours say you’re living together, am I right?”    

   “Yeah, you are right. But my parents only live next door. That’s how we met, as neighbours.”    

   “Oh, well it’s a very cosy arrangement then.” We reach our classroom, and he says, “We should have a real chat some time, maybe pop in when you have a free period?”     

   “Okay.” I say, and go to take my seat. James is waiting for me as I sit down.    

   “Hiya mate.” He says.    “Hey. How’re you?” I ask.    

   “I’m good, what about you?” We had the average morning discussion, the same one you have with everybody, the one that is really boring, before he started talking to me about babies and course work. I nodded and hoped he wouldn’t realise I wasn’t listening. The register’s taken and then I’m shoving my way back down the tower block stairs. It’s typical school life, and I know I have to study as hard as ever to get my a-levels. I got seven GCSEs, and I’m currently aiming at three A-Levels that I’ve followed from my GCSE options. I’m studying English language, Mathematics and Art. It’s tricky, but I enjoy those subjects and am hoping that they’ll get me into university. Next month when I get my next pay check, I’ll be able to afford a French tutor to continue my language skills further. I took it at GCSE, and really like the concept of being bilingual.     

   Megan’s taken Health and Social, Textiles, Geography and Spanish at GCSE. Before she got pregnant she wanted to be a writer. She is so imaginative and creative. When we were younger, she used to sit and tell me stories about the animals on her farm and how she could talk to them. I believed her, until my 13th birthday when I had “the lads” come round. Megan knocked on my door with a big wrapped up box and a card. I got embarrassed, and started to act like a jerk towards her in front of my mates. I told her to take the present back to the shop, because we didn’t need to be friends anymore. She went off crying. When my friends had gone home, I looked out on the porch and the box was sat there with the card. I took it inside and unwrapped it. I found a white football with a red star design on it and the signature of my favourite football player. It must’ve cost her a fortune, and I felt so bad afterwards.    

   As I walk through the door of the sixth form block to study in my free period, I hear music and the sound of a few voices. I poke my head around another door into the lounge area and discover that it’s my friends, Blake and Lauren. They kind of have a thing for each other, but neither will admit it.     

   “Morning.” I grunt at them, before going into a quiet room to get some studying done. Mr. Davis said we should have a chat when I have a free, but I know he has a year 9 science lesson this period because I’ve gone looking for him before about course work. I think we’re both free 4th, so I may go and pop in then. He’s a father, and may have some advice or wise words for me.    

   I pull out an English textbook from my bag and check through it, then begin writing on a sheet of lined paper. We have an assessment to see how well we’re doing, we have to write a poem. However, today, I have writers block. I scribble a few words on the paper.  

Empty spaces I hate the look of,

Grow dust to show me my wins,

Her face reminds me...  

I screw the paper up. It’s no good, my mind is elsewhere.     

   I take out my math textbook and focus on that. Soon, I’m drifting into the land of division, and barely notice how fast the time goes by. Before I know it, I have a double lesson of art.     

   Before leaving the sixth form block, I say good-bye to Blake and Lauren who haven’t done anything for a whole hour, and make my way through school to the art department.     

   On my way, an immature bunch of year 8 boys shove themselves into me, and I find myself being knocked against a wall hurting my arm. I rub it a swiftly walk away. I shouldn’t be surprised.     

   “Hello young man!” Comes a strong womanly voice. “And how’re you?” It’s the head of art, Mrs. Washington. I smile at her openly; she’s lovely and we get on really well. She’s probably in her mid-fifties now.    

   “I’m very well thank you miss. How about you?”    

   “I’m good thank you lad.”     

   “Glad to hear it.” We smile at each other once more as we pass by each other, and I put my course work down in the art room. I’m cheerfully greeted by Lily. She has short red hair and big brown eyes. Her name sounds very strange and doesn’t match her appearance at all, but 100% matches her personality; she’s so friendly and innocent.     

   “Hey Lil”! How’re you?”    

   “I’m fine thanks, and yourself?”    

   “Yeah, I’m cool.”    

   “Good. How’s Meggy? Is she alright?”     

   “Yeah, she’s okay, just a bit touchy about things. She always feels like people are talking about her behind her back and stuff.”    

   "Aww, the poor thing.”     

   “She’ll be fine, honest.” I say.    

   “You “rite mate?” Will comes up from behind me and pats me on my bruised shoulder I gained earlier. I wince slightly.    

   “Yeah, I’m good. What’re you doing round this neck “o” the woods?” I ask. Will (William) doesn’t tend to be seen anywhere near the art department, he tends to try and stay clear. He’s a sportsman by and heart and by nature. The size of ham’s unreal! He must be about 6 foot 5, and he has the broadest shoulders known humanly possible.    

   “I’ll talk to you later mate. For now, I’m outta' here!” And then he just walks out. That was... strange.     

   I get working, not letting anybody else disturb me. My pencil works rapidly on paper, and soon I become completely focused on my work.          

   The bell goes for the end of school. I pick up my bag from the carpeted floor and walk through the math corridors to the main entrance where I wait for Megan every day. Before I get there, I see her stood beside the sign-in desk, checking her watch and holding her stomach. She’s wearing leggings to school now. I walk up to her and kiss her forehead.     

   “How has your day been?” I ask.    

   “Not too bad.” She smiles.     

   “Good.” Then it’s all quiet, and neither of us speaks until we get into my car.     


   If you want something, then fight with your life until you’re holding it in your hands.


   “I felt the baby kick today.” Megan says. I can tell her big eyes are gazing at me without me having to look at her.    

   “Oh yeah? That’s great!” To be honest, I don’t know what else I could’ve said.    

   “I know. It always feels so... beautiful.”    

   “That’s because it’s inside you.” She laughs at this.    

   “You’re so cheesy!” She says. I give her my craziest grin, and she laughs some more. I rest my hand on her knee and she takes in into her hand to kiss it.     

   “I lurrrve you!” She sings. I snatch my hand away to change gear, before putting my hand on her cheek and glancing over at her.    

   “I luurrrrvvee you more!” We laugh together, and then I put the radio on. Megan sings all the words to every song that blasts out the old sound system, her voice catching every note perfectly. I sing along with her, but quietly, because I don’t sound very good and I love listening to her voice.    

   We pull into the tired driveway and slump into the house, lugging our heavy school bags and our aching bodies. I realise that I have homework and housework to do. Ugh.     

   “Megan, I’m gonna go and do some gardening, and then help you with your math work, is that alright?”    

   “Yeah, that’s fine. Think I’m just going to pop in the bath.”    

   “Okay.” I kiss her cheek and walk outside into the cold November air.  

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