Just a romour

The 4 best friends you could ever wish for. Imagine if they were closer than sisters, spend more time together than a married couple. Imagine that everything was perfect, untill something went wrong. a romour reveals a ugly side. What if it sent them on a road they didnt need to go down. What if it it broke them apart bit by bit, untill just a glimmer of hope once was remained. What if all this happened because they believed a lie ...


3. romour Ambers POV

For the first time in 2 years I didn’t trust Tiffany. It all started at soccer practice today when a random girl rushed up to me and said “oh my goodness I cannot believe Tiffany did that to you!”  I didn’t know what she was talking about of course. “What do you mean? Tiffany hasn’t done anything to me.”  The girl’s eyes bulged.

“Oh err must be another Amber then, sorry!”  At that she hurried of to the gym in a breeze of giggles and blushes.  Turning to my teammate Holly I saw that she had been listening. Sending her a confused look, she opened her mouth to say something but snapped it shut. I strode into the gym, to find at least 12 girls staring at me, each with a sympathetic look forming their faces. Over the hour I kept catching snippets of convocation.

“I can’t believe she did that!”

“I know right and Amber didn’t even do anything!”

“Amber should look out! She’s obviously got some competition!”

You couldn’t imagine how glad I was to get out of there. I didn’t know what was going on but it was big.  I don’t know what it was, but I had a feeling that this wasn’t just a rumour. It was much more truthful.

Turning through the halls towards English, people were still giving me the same identical sympathetic look. What was going on?! “Hey Amber, how are you feeling?” Suddenly my teammate Holly standing bang in front of me.  “I’m fine thank you. What’s going on?” a look of pain crossed her face as she explained.

It turns out that Tiffany had gone to a Bruno Mars consert with Taylor, the schools Head ******. TAYLOR! she hadnt even asked me! I know she doesnt have to invite me to everything she does but this was a Bruno mars consert! Plus Tiffany had told Taylor some of my personal secrets. One of the most embarrasing ones was that i fancied Taylors boyfriend! Now Taylor hates me even more, and i didnt think that was possible! No-one knows what the other one is but i bet Taylor will tell people at the most embarrasing moment. i was fuming with anger. She promised she would never tell anybody that secret.She broke the promise, and told her things about me!  I trusted her! How could she? My own best friend. My mind was swirling when Holly spoke again. “You shouldn’t trust her Amber. I’ve got a feeling that she’s not telling you a lot. Just be careful ok?” all I could do was nod. My words had stopped. Turning round toward my class, I flipped open my phone and called Tiffany. When it went to voice mail, I told her to meet me at her car after school. I needed to hear it from her.

  Waiting by Tiffany’s car, I sorted through what I was going say but it was pointless. As soon as she turned up I furiously blurted out the rumour. After about 1 min of my ranting I paused for breath, giving Tiffany a chance to explain. “Yes I did go to the consert withTiffany, but no way did I enjoy it! And I never told her any secrets never mind tell her secrets! Amber how could you think that?!”

“Well a lot of people do, and anyways how could you! We promised each other! Why did you do it?”

    “She invited me to hang out with them and I did. I it looked like fun so I took the chance.  Plus I knew you wouldn’t be alowed to go!”

“Unbelievable…”  at that I stomped of, befor I had the chance to slap her.


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