Just a romour

The 4 best friends you could ever wish for. Imagine if they were closer than sisters, spend more time together than a married couple. Imagine that everything was perfect, untill something went wrong. a romour reveals a ugly side. What if it sent them on a road they didnt need to go down. What if it it broke them apart bit by bit, untill just a glimmer of hope once was remained. What if all this happened because they believed a lie ...


2. marshmallows, maustaches and monacles. oh my! Riley POV

Don’t you just hate Monday? After a long relaxing weekend you have to get up at 7 am, and endure lesson after lesson. I was barley awake until third period when my teacher shouted at me for falling asleep on my desk. In my defence mum and dad were arguing all night after he had come home mega late. No one but my friends knows about my parents, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. I don’t like people getting into my business, it just makes it worse.

I was on my way to the last lesson of the day-math- when I noticed Tiffany walking alone. I strolled up to her and tapped her shoulder. Squealing with surprise she spun round “Don’t ever do that riley! You scared the bejeezus out of me!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Where’s Amber, I thought you had 5th period together?”

“I don’t know. She was meant to meet me here at the end of lesson but she must have forgotten. Anyway I’ve got to go, cya!”

Waving her off I my mind started to drift to other things.  Oddly I was thinking about moustaches and marshmallows. Soon I was laughing like a loon after imagining a marshmallow with a moustache and monocle. Meanwhile, everyone was just stood there staring at me awkwardly. Supressing another fit of laughter I hurried out of the hall towards my next lesson.

When I arrived at math, I had another 5 mins befor it started. Crystal was already sitting in our seats. Her natural beach waves were fell over her face, covering the book she was reading. As I approached her lips spread into a smile, causing mine to copy.  After I had told her about the laughing incident in the hallway, she was nearly crying with laughter. “Why were you think of marshmallows and moustaches?” she said through her giggles.

“I have no idea” suddenly the door slammed open and our teacher Mrs Blockworth strolled in.  she immediately starting her lecture about angles or shapes or something. I think I dozed of somewhere towards the end because befor I knew what was happening Crystal was shaking my shoulder and half dragging me out the door. “Wa-wa what’s happening?”

“It’s the end of class you knumbchuck! You should really get some more sleep Riley, otherwise you’re going to fail math” Crystals voice was like an alarm clock.

“Wait so u means it’s the end of the day?”

“Yes!”  Now it was my turn to drag her! I REALLY wanted to get home and back to my piano. I was learning a new song, and it was going really well.

We reached my house in under and hour (this is good time for me!) and as soon as I walked through the door I could hear the insults coming from my parents mouths. Let’s just say I wouldn’t even repeat them to Tiffany! Ever since the rows had started it didn’t feel like home anymore. Just the place I lived. Why did it have to be this way? I wish it could go back to what it used to be. The long walks in the park, followed by ice-cream and piggy back rides. My friends where the only family I had left. So letting the silent tears fall I sprinted up to my room and called Crystal.

“Hey Riley what’s up?”

“Can we meet at the tree house?” I tried to hide the crack in my voice but it was no good. I was about to go into full on cry mode.

“Yeah sure I’ll meet you there in 5 mins” at that I climbed out my window and down the makeshift ladder I had built last summer, heading towards my real home.

All of my tears where gone by the time I had reached the tree house. Crystal was already up there, looking for me. i told her about the fight while she sat there listening intently. We must have done this over a hundred times but she never complained. Nothing could explain the weight she had lifted off my shoulders by just sitting listening to me babble on about my parents. And for that it thanked her.  “They shouldn’t do that in front of you Riley, it’s not right. Getting of the subject, did you see anything weird about Amber and Tiffany Today?”

“No why?”

“It’s just I think they had a fight or something. I don’t know what about. We’ll ask them tomorrow. It can’t be anything serious or they would of told us right”

“Right” we spend the whole night talking about random stuff while eating marshmallows (with no moustaches or monocles L ) and chips. But I couldn’t help think about Tiffany and Amber. If only I would of taken it more seriously….



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