Just a romour

The 4 best friends you could ever wish for. Imagine if they were closer than sisters, spend more time together than a married couple. Imagine that everything was perfect, untill something went wrong. a romour reveals a ugly side. What if it sent them on a road they didnt need to go down. What if it it broke them apart bit by bit, untill just a glimmer of hope once was remained. What if all this happened because they believed a lie ...


1. Intro

Hiya, Riley here! I’d like to introduce the 4 most amazing people you will ever meet, Crystal, Amber, Taylor and ME! We are THE best friends of Applbe high, in New Orleans, America. We met on the first day of middle school after a very historical paint fight that included a slightly smaller (and less mean) Tiffany Hillcress. She is the school’s Queen Bee. She purely exists to make every girls school life a misery. But she doesn’t mess with us, not since we emptied a full can of red paint on her last year. We took a picture just to remember that moment.

 Each of our houses is within a 10 minutes’ walk from each other. You see we all live on the outskirts of our town’s mini forest and smack bang in the middle is our tree house.  Our dads built it for us a couple of years back and ever since then it’s been our second home.  It is resting on an old oak, its branches twist round the tree house creating a strong but secretive structure. The tree house its self is made of bits of scrap wood and plastic with glass for windows. Over the years the trees branches have accompanied the already growing ivy to create a living wall paper that covers three of the Tree houses walls. The last one is our wonder wall. It’s full of souvenirs of our most treasured memories. Photos, drawings, scraps of material, anything and everything of our child hood have been placed up there. No matter what happens that wall all ways makes me feel secure. Whether my parents are rowing or school has just gotten too much, just one glance at the wall can calm me.

Each of us has our own thing. This is what makes us so amazing!

Riley-the artistic and musical one Amber-the athletic one Taylor-the beauty queen Crystal-the animal lover

Now, me and Crystal are mega best friends were as Amber and Taylor are mega best friends. It has always been that way. I’m not sure why but that’s just who we clicked with when we met.  If we have partners that’s who we go with and if we have to sit next to someone that’s the order. It’s always worked and no one’s ever argued so yeah. Anyway that’s all for introductions lets get on with the story…  



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