Footprints in the sand

He was gorgeous. Why was he interested in me? This summer was going to be special, and I could feel it.


1. Unforgettable eyes

Me and my girls, were sunbathing in the evening, on the white hot sandy beach. The water was cool and clear, and the beach was pretty much empty now. 'I gotta go' I heard Claudia say as she gathered her things. Claudia was one of my bestfriends, she was clumsy and dumb but gorgeous. Maya and Daisy got up as well. Maya was a bitch sometimes but we loved her really. Daisy was my best best best friend who i'd known since I was born. We all gathered our stuff and said goodbye. I slowly strolled down the emtpy road to my house. I dropped my bag and the contents spilled everywhere. 'shit' I muttered. 'here, let me help you' I heard a deep fascinating voice say.

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