Footprints in the sand

He was gorgeous. Why was he interested in me? This summer was going to be special, and I could feel it.


7. Nothing lasts forever

Me and Olly spent every second of every day together. We met up with my friends, and his friends and we all got along great. We were sitting round a campfire one night, me, Olly, Claudia, Maya, Daisy, James, Sam and Brooklyn, we were all chatting and laughing and I noticed that Olly kept flirting with Maya. At first I ignored it but then I saw him secretly mouthing things to her, winking and I wasn't happy. I got up of his lap and went to sit in between James and Claudia. I whispered to Claudia and she said she noticed it as well. I didn't talk much for the rest of the night, and when me and Olly went home I decided to question him about it. 'So, what's with the whole flirting thing with Maya?' I asked, my voice sounding stronger than I felt. He looked at me surprised. 'W..what?' He stuttered. 'The winking, the secret conversations..' I carried on. 'Baby, I didn't even realize! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it look like that, I was just playing around' He apologized with a frown. 'Oh, do you know what, its probably just me overthinking' I fake laughed. 'Sorry baby' He whispered as he wrapped his arms round me and kissed me. I was so stupid, why would he be flirting with Maya? We were in love.

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