Footprints in the sand

He was gorgeous. Why was he interested in me? This summer was going to be special, and I could feel it.


6. New beginnings

I smiled at him as I sat up, looking at the moonlit sea. 'Of course' I whispered. I felt his arms wrap round me as he kissed my hair. 'Let's go in the sea' I laughed. He looked surprised at first, but then grinned. 'If you really want to!' He said as he lifted me up and ran down to the seashore. I was screaming playfully and we were both laughing. 'Okay, 3.....2..........1!' He said as he threw me in the sea. I gasped as the freezing water shocked my body. In a second I felt Ollys strong hands hold my waist and pull me to the surface. He was laughing. 'Oh my god, thats cold' I shivered. 'Nah, its not' Olly winked. We both looked at the stars, then at each other. He put his face close to mine, so our noses were almost touching. We kissed and it felt like everything around me disappeared. It was like the only thing that mattered was him. 'Hold your breath' I heard him gasp out, as he pulled me underwater and kissed me. I gripped onto his neck while he held me round my waist. When we returned to the surface we were both smiling, trying to catch our breath. He picked me up and waded through the sea back to the sandy beach. We got our stuff and walked home hand in hand. 'Your amazing' He whispered as he turned to face me. 'Noones ever made me more happy, I need you, I couldnt live without you, your my world now' I blushed and snuggled into him, as he put his arm round me. 'I love you so much' He whispered. 'I love you more' I said. 'Not possible' He laughed, as we got into my house, we got into bed and fell straight asleep. He was my everything now.

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