Footprints in the sand

He was gorgeous. Why was he interested in me? This summer was going to be special, and I could feel it.


4. Lucky days

'OH MY GOD TELL US EVERYTHING' Daisy screamed, as Maya and Claudia agreed with her in a heap of squeals. I explained to them what had happened with Olly the other night, as we lay on the soft sandy beach gossiping. 'Lily your so lucky' Maya teased. I blushed. Just as I finished telling them, I felt some familiar strong arms wrap round me. 'Surprise' I heard Olly say and he kissed my cheek. I laughed as I said hi, cuddling into him. 'Sorry girls, but I had to interrupt to ask Lily something' He apologized. 'Oh don't worry about it!' Claudia assured. Olly took my hand and walked me over to a little wall we could sit on. 'So, theres this beach party tonight, a few people are going, do you want to go with me?' He asked nervously. 'Oh yeah sure!' I smiled. I saw him breathe a sigh of relief. 'Great! Ill be round at 7' He replied as he kissed me goodbye. When I got home, I had a shower and started helplessly at my wardrobe. I needed new clothes so bad. Finally, I picked a very pale yellow short beach dress, with some white sandals. My long brown hair was wavy, so I just plaited my fringe and clipped it back. I did my makeup and grabbed my bag. I heard a knock on the door and saw Olly. 'You look amazing' He told me. I giggled as I took his hand and walked down to the beach. 'Wheres the party?Theres noone here?' I asked, confused. 'Well..there is no party' He admitted.

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