Footprints in the sand

He was gorgeous. Why was he interested in me? This summer was going to be special, and I could feel it.


2. Its you

'Need some help?' I heard him say. I looked up and got lost in these big ice blue eyes. He was gorgeous. Dirty blonde messy hair, perfect white teeth, tanned skin. I blushed as I quickly shoved my stuff into my bag and got up. 'Thanks' I mumbled. 'No problem, i'm Olly' He laughed briefly. 'I'm Lily' I replied. 'Pretty name' He winked playfully.I laughed, 'Are you new around here?' I asked. 'Yeah, I live down this road though' He said. 'Oh, me too!' I smiled. 'Well, I gotta go but i'll hopefully see you around? Heres my number, ill text you tonight' He told me, as he wrote down his number. He was so gorgeous, why was he interested in me? I wondered silently. 'See you around Lily' He smiled. 'Bye' I said as I turned around with the biggest grin on my face. When I got home, I dumped my bag on the floor and checked my phone. I lived on my own, seeing as my mum and dad we're divorced, I hated my dad so I never saw him. My mum was in America so I stayed here on my own. I saw a text and quickly opened it. 'Hey, it's Olly ;)' I read. I replied excitedly, he seemed so lovely. I heard something banging on my window, so I went over to it and opened up my curtains to see Olly hanging out his window from the house next to me, throwing pebbles at my window. 'Oh my god you live there?' I laughed. 'Yep!' he grinned. We talked through our windows for hours, it was amazing. It started to get dark. 'Olly, im getting cold im gonna go inside' I told him, with a frown. 'Oh, don't leave me' He teased. 'Are you home alone as well?' I asked. 'Yeah, let me come over!' He said. I laughed quietly. 'Okay, if you really want to' and within 30 seconds there was a knock on my door. We sat in my room talking. We knew so much about each other, and had so much in common. It felt like we had known each other for years not a day.

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