Footprints in the sand

He was gorgeous. Why was he interested in me? This summer was going to be special, and I could feel it.


8. Hurts like heaven

It had been a few weeks since I had accused Olly of flirting with Maya. He had been acting a little strange since then, going out alone more, not talking as much. I assumed he was just busy or tired, but I was far from right. It was a Wednesday night, I was at the beach with Daisy and I was just walking home. I opened the front door, and went up to my room. I heard Olly's voice and a ..girls?I crept silently to my bedroom door,and opened it a crack. From what I saw, my heart stopped, my throat burned, my eyes stung with the filling of bitter tears. Olly and Maya, in my house, in my room, having sex. I opened the door fully and screamed. Olly looked bewildered at me as I was stood in the doorway, speechless and flowing with tears. 'How could you?' I managed to whisper out. I stared at Maya. 'Your meant to be one of my bestfriends?' I croaked out. 'Get out, GET OUT MY HOUSE BOTH OF YOU!' I screamed. Maya got up, put some clothes on and scurried out. I rubbed my forehead, stuttering with tears. 'Lily..' Olly started to say. 'No, don't say anything' I said firmly, even though I felt like someone had stabbed my heart inside. 'Why?Why did you do this?I thought we were perfect, I thought we loved each other?And its bad enough you do this, but you do it in my house?In my room?My bed?How dare you' I cried. 'Get out my life Olly, I don't ever want to see you again' I broke down and collapsed to the floor in a heap of uncontrollable tears. I had never cried like this, never hurt as much as this. I felt him bend down next to me but I hit his arm away. I heard him shut the front door and as he did I screamed. I cried, I hit things I fell onto my bed wondering what went wrong. What made him do this. I spent the night uncontrollably crying, screaming, I thought I was actually going to be sick. I felt weak, I felt ill. I felt like a part of me had died.

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