Sunset Love

Love like in the movies... but with a real life twist? Find out in Harry's story! :)


1. What you looking at?

( Book written in Harry's POV )

The new girl. Amazingly beautiful. The rumors were true. This girl is like one of the celebs, no joke.

'Oi!' She shouted. 'What you looking at?'

I was obviously gawping at her, and her new friends were laughing along with her. So uncool.

'Whats her name?' I asked 'She's beautiful!'

'Stop staring and being a stalker' Josh replied. 'Her name is Lili Mackay. I think shes in your classes!'

'Lucky lad you are, eh Harry?' Big Nathan King from my old primary said. I hate him; he's extremely annoying.

The bell went for class. Nathan was lucky that i didn't insult him or punch him in the face. Okay, i am a bit of a wimp, but i am not a 'goody goody' either. I checked my timetable, and foud out i had Maths first, with the grumpiest teacher called Mr Clyve. He gave Anna Urquhart a 3 hour after school detention for chewing in class.

I caught up with Josh who had the same maths class as me, and luckily Lilli probably will be sitting next to me because no one sits beside me. I can get to know her that way.

'Did you do the homework, Harry?' asked Josh. 'It wa-'

I interrupted him before he could finish speaking. 

'Oh my days.'

Josh had a grin on his face, it looked like he was laughing at me but reassuring me. Last time Sandy Bachelor didn't do his homework and received a letter home from his parents. My parents are as strict as... strict as can be? They apparently only 'want the best for me'

Just as Josh showed me the homework sheet as we were walking up the stairwell, we saw Nathan again, but in a fight against the most athletic schoolboy, Karl Pennington, who literally picked him up and threw him downstairs. This is the Nathan that started crying the other day because he fell of the bench in P.E, and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. He didn't actually need the ambulance, but he kept screaming until he got his way. The doctors were angry  at him.

As the rector went to break up the fight and quieten the howling Nathan King and send Karl Pennington to his office, the few gossipers started gossiping and one girl was texting away. Then there was the bell. Oh. My. Days.

Me and Josh bailed it up the stairs, knocking a newbie down. Mr Clyve must be doing the register by now. We finally got up the stairs and knocked on the door. Mr Clyve stared at us and told us to stop. I knew that we were in for it as soon as he saw us.



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