Adonis: In his arms

My first 'intense love' scene<3333


2. In his arms

Hair as black as night spreading all across the pillows of down

Cascading in a stillness of time, as the breath takes on to the speed of which time slows down.


Arms of Adonis grab the fragile hips,

The face of a god kissing crimson, rose, lips.


Concerned eyes look deep for reply,

"Can i come inside, are you ready Sky?" 


A nod of gentle nervous face,

Suddenly the best feeling of time and space.


Flushes and heat from the slightest touch,

In the moment of the purest love.


Intense and sensitive explored in another,

Finally understanding the term of 'pure lover' 


Dancing in a bed of skin and lust

Soon breaking through the pleasures crust.


In a moment of pleasure and passion,

Wildness flowed through the man of action.


A female chest rose up to the sky,

As they fell back side by side.


The dance showed the lust hidden within,

And now even pleasurable games begin....  

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