That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


2. The next morning


I awoke at 9:45 am with a stitching headach. I saw the other half of the bed was messy and empty. I wondered why it was like that until I got a flash back of the whole night. I regretted ever going to that 'Late night club'. But at least I was over and done with Eddie. I made the bed and got dressed and went to freshen up for the day ahead of me. But I couldn't do anything I normaly do. I couldn't eat...Sketch...Or even read! All I could think about was last night. I kept trying to remember one perticular part but my mind would not let me. At that very moment I felt sick to my stomach and rushed to the loo. As I stared into the toliet the part I wanted to know came to me in a split second. "No no no! This can't be!" I walked over to the purple and blue cordless phone and picked it up. My palms were sweating with fear and my fingers shaking with panic as I diled my best friends number. What would she say about my story?      
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