That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


7. The Father


"Hey Ems, I was wondering if you could spare an hour?"

"Ok. But only an hour. Whats on your mind?"

"I wanted to talk about the father of my baby. All I remember is him being black and handsome. Oh and he also had big blue dreamy eyes."

"Ok. I have seen someone like that around town. He always goes to clubs and hits on girls but he wanted to save the secret he had for you. He saw you and then knew you were the one. he knew you ouldn't fall for a stranger so he made you drunk. I was there hanging around with a few mates myself. I was partly drunk too and I did not reconise you soo..."

I was speechless. Did he really like me? But he had just met me. Why did he have to make me drunk? There so much more questions I wanted to ask him. "Ok Ems. Thanks. I will leave you alone now. I am going to bed. Bye!"

I Changed into my new sleepwear and read for a few minutes. I was still thinking about that guy. I went through all my friends and I noticed none of them had the name: Johnny Tree. Was that the mans name? I soon went to sleep thinking about the night at the club. I had a dream but I did not remember much. I looked like the man that came home with me, but we had a baby with us and I had no bump where my tummy was. Could my dream be telling the future?    

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