That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


12. Seven months pregnant

When I got up I had a shower, brushed my teeth and went to the toliet. I pulled out cake for breakfast. Wasn't very healthy but I love it any how. To be honest, now i am not desprat or anything, I felt loney without Jonny. He cheared me up and loved me to bits. I then sketched...Read...Had my coffee...And then I invited him over. 

I stood at my door, bursting to see him and hug him to bits. I decided to do down. I would see him fast then. I saw him come out of his car. I ran for him, turned him round and kissed him. It felt warm and soft, our kiss. Nothing like it in the world. He was definitely the one for me. He seemed pretty hungry so I made some pancakes and we ate them. Even though I had already eaten. 

The toliet looked pretty horribleso I went to clean it. I looked on the calender as I finished. I had just become 7 months pregnant! Only 2 months away from having then baby! I was so excited. "Hey, honey." I yelled from the bathroom.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Well I am only 2 months away from having the baby so we need to get a bigger house. Have you got any funds?"

"I have got 50,000 in my bank."

"Perfect! I have only got 30,000 but that will be enough for a big enough house. Do you want to moved in with me?"

"Sure sugar. Love you babe!" I then cleaned up the dishes and went to sketch some more. I was designing what the child's (or children) bedroom would look like. If it was a girl I would use this design. If it was a boy I would do this design but turn all the colours boy ish.

 I decided I would take a look round. I was going to go on a walk (or a train ride!) to the butterfly escape. When I got there I imidately saw hundreds of butterflies. I took a look round,  listen and anced to the music and then went home. 

When I got home my clothes were itchy and tight so I changed into a pregnancy dress. Not very stilish but it will do. I then went to bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I drifted straight to sleep. Same with Jonny.       

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