That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


16. O.M.G!

I finally found Lavie and went for a walk with her. She seemed to love walks. As soon as we got home she plonked herself on the carpet and played with her new toy. She got it from her Auntie Betty. Long and lost. While I called the house for lunch. I played with Lavie and fed her. She was grumbling and shouting. I did the same to Lilly. After a long day, I flung myself on the bed and went to sleep. It wasn't that hard today. As the next morning arrived I walk over to my dresser and got dressed into my normal clothes. I changed back all of my other clothes. Sleepwear, swimwear, ect. So I had a quick bath, brushed my teeth, went to the toliet and washed my hands.

I then went down stairs to have breaky. A waffle today! I then decided to go to the saloon to give myself and Jonny a makeover. I stood there, waiting for Jonny to come. I went inside to work on me. "Lovie, you don't need a makeover. You are wonderful the way you are!" Jonny comlimented. I then got a call from Emily. "Hello Rose, I know I am pregnant and all but, I will give Jonny a hot makeover and you just relax. Your are beauitful the way you are!" 

 So I let Emily makeover Jonny while I told some ghost stories to some kids. Apparently they were scary enough to make nightmares come! I heared foot steps and the door open outside. I turned my head to what was H - O - T. Well for me at least. Emiy knew what I wanted my men to look like. I did not like anything that shows there top half. Jonny was looked like the perfect man. And well of course he was. HE came up to me and pecked me on the lips.  He then stroked my hair and we did a small dance ish thing.

He then got down on one knee and proposed...

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