That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


14. Lovey Dovey Stuff


The next morning I awoke to find Jonny napping on the bed. he must have had a rough night then. I did too. It was the first time in a new house so, that happened. I looked down at my tummy. Today the baby was due. I went to have a nice, relaxing bath. No-one was up yet so I had a while to have fun in the bath. I found my love reading in the baby room.  "Lovey, hon. My baby is due today." I whispered.

"Is it? Wowo. Time has gone fast. I wonder if it is a boy or a girl. Do you know?" He answered back

. "No.I did not go to the doctors the find out what it was. A surprise is better!"  I pulled out some waffles out of the fridgeand went to sit down. I found Emily there, staring at the wall. "Whats the matter, best friend?!" I joked.

"I think I have found love. My true love." I just quickly ate my breaky and got out of there. I never knew what to say in these conversations. I found out who she ment soon. I was just walking by to get to the front door when I found them smooching. 

I hid when they went upstairs. I followed them. The man carrying Emily up. making out while they where going up. Soon hearts where appearing. They got out of under the covers and made out on the bed. MY bed. I saw quite enough when he pulled down her bra strap and pinged her bottoms. I then went to play hopstotch with MY love. Even though it might have been dangerous. We played like 5 year olds. When we lost we slumped off. It was very funny. 

Until I went into labor.    

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