That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


17. Deaths And Happiness... Maybe


Well, you know what I said. "Yes, Jonny. I love you to bits. YES!" I screamed! After that I was speechless for a while. He slid it onto my finger and smiled his goofy smile. I swear that we were the happiest people on earth. I was bursting to tell Emily, she had already gone home. Blood covered the carpets, outlining his swollen body. Bens's head, with a black big dent in it: His chest not moving.  This was my sight when I entered the front door. "Emily?" I spoke softly. "Yes. Hes dead." She cried. She said he just died in a car accident. I said nothing and went to have my tea. I did not have the heart to tell her that I was engaged. It was all too much for her already. So I just said night and went to bed.   

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