That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


3. Calling Emily


I was speechless with fear. I had been over this once before (in high school). What would I say to Emily? it was too late to lie so I just told the truth: "Hello Rose, how are you? Everything alright?"

Emily could tell when I was upset or worried about something. "Hi. Well I am not alright. You see I wanted to get over Eddie and the break up so I went to Aquairis. And... and...well..." I stammered

"Just spit it out. A best friend needs to know whats going on here! Tell me."

"Ok. Here goes nothing..." I told her the whole story and she did not freak out. then again I had done the same thing in high school. I put my baby up for adoption. "I have had stomach pains and I missed my last period but I have only thrown up once so I am not sure. "Ok. I will go down to the store and get all you need.

I will be at yours in a bit ok? Don't worry!"

"Thanks Emily - your a great best friend."

"Ok I will do those things if you answer my very little question"

"Fine then. What is it?"

"If you are pregnant, will you keep the baby?" The ws a stunned silence for a minute. I did not know what to say.

"Yes, yes I will. I have alwaysed wanted a baby so yeah." There was a squeal of delight on the other line.

"I will help you look after the baby if you are pregnant. I love babys! Ok. Be at your house by 3. Bye bye now" The line was cut. I was propaly scared now. I wanted a baby but who was the father? Thats what I wanted to know.       

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