That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


15. Birth...Finally

Jonny was just there screaming his head off. A classic father impression when giving birth. I wanted a safe birth so I went to the hospitle.Each of us taking different cars. HIM not bothering to drive for me! I went in as cool as a cucumber. Jonny following my impression. Inside the hospital was manic, screaming everywhere. I wont did you the details. I walked out of the hospitle with a basket. A fadey white one with dark green spots. The pregnancy was over! I can't tell you how relieved I was.

I had twins. Twin girls. I had always wanted tripplets if I got pregnant but I was so happy with twins.I named them Lavender and Lilly. I got in a taxi and went home. The first thing I did was play with Lilly. She laughed like the heveans. I had some pretty good children already. So I put Lilly to bed and said good night to her. I kisses Lavie and then looked out side the bedroom window.

 Emily and her lover where sleeping outside as normal. I guess she made a good choice to be with him. i found out that his name was Ben. Ben Watson. So I got into bed and kissed my lover. Jonny was the most romantic person in the world. I didn't think that, I knew that. The I heared Lavie screaming while...Lilly was sleeping. I am starting to think she is not normal...And then, without my help, Jonny looked after Lavie for me. He is going to be a great father.

So I was getting washed when Emily came rushing into my bathroom, well, vomiting. She did it twice, she must be pregnant. So she went out of the room and I carried on washing my hands and face. My thought was proved later.  Pregnant. She did a test and it came out positive. She told me and then Ben. He took it, lets say, surprised. So I finally went down stairs and ate my breakfast. Cake again.  Jonny simply came into the room, sat down and read. I love him. I went upstairs and found Lilly hiding in the box, peeking ever so often. That gal can be wiered at, well everywhere!


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