That night...Was the heart of it all. Somehow...being drunk...Led me to my true life...


13. Another day

I woke up the next day and went straight to brushing my teeth. Who knew pregnantcey would give you bad breath? Not me, and thats for sure. Jonny was on the pc as usual. But we were looking for a new house, there wasn't enough room in this little apartment for three of us. Even though it was three! "Honey, I think I have found a place for us and the baby." Jonny shouted. "It has three bedrooms. One for us. One for the baby and one for the baby when it is a child. It is a girls room but we can always redecorate it." 

"Yes, that sounds good. Buy that one." Since we were both starving I made some waffles.

"They are fab as normal, sweet heart." He alwaysed comlimented on my cooking. I then finished off the drawing for the bedroom. That was what our baby's room (as a child) would look like. I was going to take out the things in the bedroom now and put in the things I needed to do this bedroom. I couldn't wait until I had this baby. After that I had a coffee and did some cleaning. This place was like a animal farm. Jonny then listened to my tummy. He said there was a few sounds and kicks be the sounds of it. And then he rubbed it. "I feel a few kicks honey!"

 "These are for you, my love." Johnny presented me with a bunch of pure white flowers. I just loved it when Jonny went old fashioned and romantic at the same time. "Thanks hon. I love you." I was then time to go to the new house. I couldn't wait to see it! We still had a lot of money left after buying so that pleased us. As soon as I got there I worked on an new stekch since I had finished the other one. 

Emily came over to welcome us to our new house. She and Jonny set to reading when we got there. Emily was staying at our house, since she had finally got kicked out her parents house. She was staying here until she got enough moeny to buy a house for herself. I kissed Jonny goodnight and then went up to bed. My tummy was getting bigger now. About time! I slipped into bed and rubbed my tummy. "Not long now," I whispered.    

Emily was sleeping outside in a sleeping bag. I offered to take thje sleeping bag and she take the bed but she said, she wanted to have the sleeping bag. What courage she has for sleeping outside. Her brown hair glistened in the moonlight as her bright blue eyes started to fade. She was so beautiful...


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